due South
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Big changes are in store for Fraser when he returns from a vacation in Canada. His apartment is destroyed and his best friend appears to be missing, but he must pick up the pieces and move on with his life.

Many cast shake ups occur this season as Ray Vecchio and Elaine Besbriss leave the show, but new characters are also brought in such as Stanley Kowalski, Stella Kowalski, Thomas Dewey, and Mort Gustafson. Life in the due South world tends to change a little bit after several characters shift their outlooks on life.

Much of the season is devoted to Fraser and Kowalski getting used to each other as partners.

Main Characters

Memorable Supporting Characters


All locations for this season (except for stock Chicago footage) are located in Toronto, Canada. The show was filmed in Canada because of the cheaper rates of producing a television series. For a partial list of Filming Locations, please see: http://home.hiwaay.net/~warydbom/duesouth/location.htm.


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