Season 4
Episode #166 (Series Finale)

Written By:
   Paul Gross
   R.B. Carney

Directed By:
   Steve DiMarco

Guest Stars:
   Cyrus Bolt
     - Kenneth Welsh
   Caroline Fraser
     - Martha Burns
   Sgt. Buck Frobisher
     - Leslie Nielsen
   Delmar Huggins
     - Peter Ferri
   Stella Kowalski
     - Anne Marie Loder
   Holloway Muldoon
     - Bo Svenson
   Jerry Smith
     - Tony Munch
     - Isolde Oneill
     - Chaz Thorne
   Ray Vecchio
     - David Marciano

Regular Cast:
   Thomas Dewey
   Benton Fraser
   Fraser Sr.
   Jack Huey
   Stanley Kowalski
   Margaret Thatcher
   Renfield Turnbull
   Francesca Vecchio
   Harding Welsh


Brief Synopsis

Fraser and Kowalski pursue Muldoon to the Yukon, where they take on the buyers -- Cyrus Bolt and his militia. Look for submarines, flying Mounties and the possible resolution of Fraser's mother's death.

Detailed Overview

As Part 1 ended, Fraser and Stan had pursued arms dealer Holloway Muldoon to an airfield, arriving just in time to cling to the fuselage of the departing plane. As Part 2 begins, they haul themselves on board, only to face armed henchmen. Fraser and Stan escape their bonds and jump -- without parachutes -- into the deep snow covering the wilderness below. Encouraged by Fraser Sr., they climb sheer rock faces, toboggan down mountains, fall into an ice crevasse and finally meet up with Thatcher, Turnbull and Dief, who have joined the legendary Buck Frobisher and his northern detachment.

Back in Chicago, Welsh discovers the arms buyer is Cyrus Bolt, the mad militia leader. The police learn that Bolt is taking possession of a large, mysterious shipment at Diamond Rock in the Yukon.

Fraser sends Dief off with a note requesting backup as the small detachment of Mounties bravely sets out to confront the gang of heavily-armed villains. As the Mounties and criminals exchange fire on the frozen bay, they hear a crack beneath the ice. Then a nuclear sub surfaces. The Mounties use the sub for cover. Just as they're running out of ammunition, a transport flies overhead and twenty 'Paramounties' in red coats parachute through the sky.

Muldoon roars off on his skidoo. Fraser pursues him on horseback. In the dramatic finale, Fraser captures Muldoon and helps Fraser Sr. right a wrong with the past.

Final Fates of the Characters

    Detectives Jack Huey and Thomas Dewey: realized their dream of the one-liner. Opened their comedy club which played to marginal houses for a long time.

    Constable Turnbull: ran for public office, but his campaign got off to a rocky start when he was run over by his own campaign bus.

    Detective Ray Vecchio: coughed up a golden bullet and moved to Florida with Stella Kowalski where they opened up a bowling alley.

    Francesca Vecchio: made the cover of 'Life' magazine with a record six immaculate conceptions. She loved her babies as if they were her own.

    Lieutenant Welsh: stayed behind his desk, because that was where he belonged.

    Inspector Thatcher: transferred to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, where she was instrumental in the destabilization and overthrow of several world dictators.

    Fraser Sr.: who once tried to kill the criminal Muldoon for murdering his wife Caroline, did not exact revenge against the man when presented with the chance. By not doing so, he solved his last case. The last time we see Fraser Sr. is when he leaves this earthly realm -- accompanied by the ghost of his dear departed Caroline.

    Fraser, Diefenbaker, and Stanley Kowalski: Sgt. Frobisher geared them up with tact and tallow. Led by Diefenbaker, they set off on an adventure to find the Hand of Franklin reaching for the Beaufort Sea.


    Stan Rogers, "Northwest Passage"
    (c) 1992 Fogarty's Cove Music Inc.
    Stan and Fraser are stuck in crevice; Paul Gross and Gordon Pinsent sing the song; During the final scene.

    Moist, "Creature"
    (c) 1997 BMG/Arista Records
    Wild sled ride downhill with Fraser and Stan.

    Tara McLean, "Silence"
    (c) 1997 Nettwerk Records
    End where Fraser Sr. and Fraser's mom reunite.

    * - This song is part of the Second due South Soundtrack.

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Original Broadcast Information

  • Australia:
  • Canada: March 14, 1999
  • South Africa: August 12, 1998
  • Sweden:
  • Switzerland: December 22, 1998
  • United Kingdom:
  • United States: Week of May 11-17, 1998

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