Season 1
Episode #100

Written By:
   Paul Haggis

Directed By:
   Fred Gerber

Guest Stars:
   Airport Hustler
     - Jack Nicholsen
   Bar Guy w/ bottle
     - Kevin Rushton
   Lee Ann Brighton
     - Wendel Meldrum
     - Parzad Sadrian
     - Keith Dimicol
   Desk Sergeant
     - Gene Mack
   Frank Drake
     - Page Fletcher
   Mrs. Drake
     - Elizabeth Berman
   Fraser Sr.
     - Gordon Pinsent
     - Ken Pogue
   Inuit Hunter
     - Eric Schweig
   Bert Jenkins
     - Barry Kennedy
   Herb Lantrell
     - Philip Williams
   Superintendent Meers
     - Victor Ertmanis
   Inspector Moffat
     - Joseph Ziegler
     - Simon Lugassy
   RCMP Officer #1
     - Kimberly Ange
   RCMP Officer #2
     - Jennifer Parsons
   RCMP Officer #3
     - Steve Morel
   RCMP Officer #4
     - Scot Dentor
   RCMP Officer #5
     - Nigel Hamer
   RCMP Sergeant
     - Jahnathan Wittaker
   Senior Official
     - Michael J. Reynolds
     - Vito Rezza
   TV Reporter
     - Sandi Stahlbrand
     - Jim Millington
   Francesca Vecchio
     - Ramona Milano
   Maria (Vecchio)
     - Paulina Gillis
   Mrs. Vecchio
     - Kaye Ballard
   Captain Walsh
     - Chuck Shamata
   Dr. Weingarten
     - Dan Lett

Regular Cast:
   Benton Fraser
   Ray Vecchio

   Pilot Episode Photos

Brief Synopsis

When a veteran Canadian Mountie is killed in what appears to be a hunting accident, his son travels to Chicago in search of the killer. Little does he know that he will discover a vast cover-up, but will he be able to finish the investigation that his father started?

Detailed Overview

A veteran Canadian Mountie is shot and killed in an isolated valley in the Northwest Territories. After an investigation, the shooting is ruled as a 'hunting accident,' that is until the slain Mountie's son arrives on the scene. Benton Fraser, also of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, begins his own private investigation of the 'accident,' and discovers that the valley his father was killed in also contains the bodies of several caribou. The caribou, according to a local Inuit hunter, apparently died because they "drank too much." Fraser checks with the local charter company and finds that a group of dentists from Chicago were recently in the area for a hunting trip. Armed with this knowledge and his belief that his father's death is not a simple 'hunting accident,' Fraser requests a transfer to the Canadian Consulate in Chicago.

Fraser's previous postings have been to isolated regions of Canada, so he is not completely prepared for the different environment of city life. When he visits the Chicago Police to see where they are in their search for the dentists, he inadvertently spoils an undercover sting operation of the officer he's looking for. The officer, Ray Vecchio, is not exactly pleased with Fraser, but he looks up the dentists' names and discovers that one of the dentists, who was supposed to have gone on the trip, died several years ago. Digging a little deeper they find a picture of the 'dead' dentist and Vecchio recognizes him, or rather he recognizes his nose. Searching in the police computer they discover that the dentist is really Frankie Drake, a thug for hire.

Vecchio decides to use some of his undercover contacts to find Drake. The pair visit a local bar where Vecchio discovers that his cover isn't exactly as established as he would have liked. Disaster strikes when Drake shoots up the bar and escapes. Fraser and Ray track Drake to Chinatown only to find that he booby trapped his apartment with a bomb, seriously injuring Vecchio in the resulting explosion. Word of Fraser's actions gets back to his superiors and Gerrard, another Mountie and a friend of Fraser's father, arrives to bring Fraser back to Canada. On the way out of the hospital, Drake again makes an attempt to kill Fraser, but after a chase through a parking garage Drake is killed by Gerrard.

Back in Canada, Fraser discovers that hydroelectric dam near the area where his father was killed was built wrong and to correct their error, the dam's administrators were releasing the excess water at night causing massive flooding and killing the caribou that he found earlier. He also discovers that it was Gerrard who hired Drake to kill his father. Fraser's father had discovered the flooding and was going to blow the whistle. The dam administrators didn't want that since they were about to begin a whole new phase of construction that would have made them very rich.

Once they decide that Benton isn't going to keep quiet about their secret, Gerrard is ordered to get rid of the Mountie. Before he can put that plan into motion, Vecchio arrives from Chicago to warn Fraser that Gerrard is involved in the shady dealings at the dam.

When Gerrard and his henchmen finally arrive, Fraser and Ray lead them on a wild chase through the Canadian wilderness (Fraser and Ray in a dogsled and the bad guys on snowmobiles). In the end, the boys win (thanks to some advice from Fraser's father) and Gerrard is arrested.

Fraser's involvement in turning in one of his own makes him extremely unpopular among the RCMP in Canada. So, he is again transferred to Chicago where he takes on the duties of the Deputy Liaison Officer at the Canadian Consulate.


    Single Gun Theory, "Like Stars in My Hands"
    Nettwerk Productions
    Fraser arrives at O'Hare Airport.

    Crash Test Dummies, "The Ghosts That Haunt Me"
    Arista/BGM International (c) 1991 BMG Music Canada
    Fraser reads his father's journal at the diner.

    * - This song is part of the Second due South Soundtrack.

Interesting Trivia

  • Originally, CBS intended this episode to be a stand-alone TV Movie. However, when ratings of the movie were pretty good, they decided to start production of a full-blown television series.
  • You'll probably notice several changes to Fraser's uniform once the television series began. The RCMP did not give the producers their blessing on this movie because they feared that the RCMP would not be depicted in a good light. Since it is illegal to impersonate a Mountie in Canada (where the movie was filmed), the producers added the RCMP shield to Fraser's hat, switched his Sam Browne belt to go over his right shoulder instead of the left, and did away with the white lanyard all together. After the RCMP saw this movie and was made aware of plans to turn the movie into a television series, they donated a uniform to the show and gave permission for the show to correct the uniform mistakes. However, the mistakes will show up from time to time as the show would borrow footage from the Pilot episode so that they wouldn't have to refilm it.
  • Captain Walsh is replaced with Lieutenant Welsh when the show began as a television series.
  • The role of Diefenbaker was recast with a different dog when the show began as a television series.
  • Paul Haggis (creator of due South) plays a man in a business suit who walks by Fraser in the final minutes of the movie.
  • Jack Nicholsen (Airport Hustler) appears in the Season 1 episode "The Wild Bunch" as one of the dog-nabbing bad guys.
  • Kevin Rushton makes his first appearance in this episode playing the guy in the bar who threatens the boys with a bottle. He'll go on to play various characters throughout the show's history.
  • Ken Pogue (Gerrard) reprises his character in the Season 2 episode "Bird in the Hand" where Fraser is forced to choose duty or vengence.
  • Philip Williams (Herb Lantrell) will show up in the show's second season episode, "Bird in the Hand" as the character Lloyd P. Nash.
  • Victor Ertmanis (Superintendent Meers) shows up again in the Season 1 episode "Victoria's Secret" as Staff Sergeant Meers.
  • Joseph Ziegler (Inspector Moffat) is only seen one other time in the Season 1 episode "An Invitation to Romance." He is promoted before the second season starts and Inspector Margaret Thatcher takes his place at the Consulate.
  • The Inuit Hunter in this episode returns during the Season 2 episode "The Mask" where he is played by a different actor.

Original Broadcast Information

  • Canada / United States: April 26, 1994

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