The Cast of Due South

Welcome to our page devoted to the performers who bring to life the television series Due South. Each page below contains a brief biography of the individual as well as links to their credits, photographs, websites, and how to contact them.

Catherine Bruhier - Civilian Aide/Officer Elaine Besbriss
Tony Craig - Detective Jack Huey
Draco - Diefenbaker
Paul Gross - Constable Benton Fraser
Daniel Kash - Detective Louis Gardino
Lincoln - Diefenbaker
Anne Marie Loder - Stella Kowalski
David Marciano - Detective Ray Vecchio
Dean McDermott - Constable Renfield Turnbull
Tom Melissis - Detective Thomas E. Dewey
Ramona Milano - Francesca Vecchio
Gordon Pinsent - Sergeant Robert Fraser
Callum Keith Rennie - Detective Stanley Raymond Kowalski
Jan Rubes - Dr. Mort Gustafson
Camilla Scott - Inspector Margaret Thatcher
Beau Starr - Lieutenant Harding Welsh

Notable Guest Stars

Martha Burns - Nada (Spy vs. Spy) / Caroline Pinsent (Call of the Wild)
Melina Kanakaredes - Victoria Metcalf (Victoria's Secret)
David Keeley - Earl (Mountie Sings the Blues)
Kevin Rushton - Actor/Stuntman in over two dozen episodes
Ultimate Cast Index - A comprehensive listing of every performer on Due South.

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