Galvanized Box Insulation

The black tank rests on a Specially Formed Piece of Styrofoam called an SFPoS . In addition to supporting the tapered shape of the tank bottom, the circular-shaped standoffs also allow warm air from the furnace to circulate around the bottom of the tank.

In addition to being home to a million ants, my SFPoS was badly waterlogged from years of sitting in water Since this molded shape is no longer available, a new equivalent had to be constructed

The cylindrical-shaped standoffs with their beveled tops and carefully planned spacing appeared to still be fairly dry & usable. Using a tablesaw, the standoffs were cut out in long strips before rotating them 90 degrees to cut off the waterlogged portion.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Home Improvement stores sell 4X8 feet sheets of Styrofoam in varying thickness for use as sheathing in home construction. With advance planning on how much was trimmed off the standoffs, a new SFPoS was constructed which matched the dimensions of the old ones.