The quest for a way to spend an incredible amount of money has ended with


My wife has always been enamored of whirlpool-style bathtubs, a feature of which was not commonly available in 1969 when our house was built.  Three or four years ago after deciding to add this feature instead of moving to a newer house which already included it, an architect was hired to capture what we wanted our house to become.

Adding around 1500 square feet, it was a glorious set of plans complete with not only a new Master Suite, but an expanded den & kitchen, and an underground tornado shelter.  Noticing that certain phases of the construction would render the house unlivable, a vintage Airstream Overlander travel trailer in need of repair was acquired as backup living quarters.

Then the construction bids came in.  Ranging from $100 - $150 per square foot, we decided the completed cost was too high under the current circumstances.  So instead of adding on to the house, the Airstream was completely restored, and we hit the road at every opportunity.

Now with 6000 miles on the Overlander, the architect was asked to modify the original blueprints to encompass only the most important aspects of our original wish list.  At around 900 square feet, I call it  Project Big Tub”.

Questions?  Comments?  Please feel free to email me.  Tom