Jensen Interceptor model comparison

Pictures "borrowed" from various books and web sites.



Being an earlier model, this car has the single bumper; compare this to the double bumper on the Highway Star.

Years built: 1966-1976, 1984-1991
Total number produced: 5655



Years built: 1966-1971
Total number produced: 320

The FF can be distinguished from the Saloon by the dual air vents behind the front wheels. Saloons have a single air vent. An FF is about 6 inches longer than a Saloon as more space was needed for the additional mechanical components. Note the split bumper. This car also has a canvas sunroof, which was popular on English cars in the 1970s.



Externally the only differences between the SP and the Saloon are the badges and hood louvers. An SP has louvers running the full length of the hood. Early Saloons had no hood louvers; later Saloons had louvers running half the length of the hood. But under the hood of the SP are three twin-barrel Holley carburettors in the Chrysler "six-pack" configuration. Horsepower was either 330 or 385, as opposed to 220 for the later Saloons like mine. Yowzah!

Years built: 1971-1973
Total number produced: 232


intcnvtd.jpg intcnvtu.jpg

Years built: 1974-1976, 1984-1991
Total number produced: 480



The "targa bar" across the top is made of smoke-colored glass. The Coupe' had more headroom for the rear-seat passengers than any of the other Interceptor models. This is due to the fact that the top went pretty much straight back, rather than sloping down.

Years built: 1975-1976, 1984-1991
Total number produced: 55

Last update: April 20, 1999