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I’m just as proud as I can be that Bobby Horton has allowed us to use his wonderful music for the background music of the Battleground Civil War games.  You’re probably like me and start the game just to listen to his songs play.  For those of you who think you’re pretty knowledgable about Bobby’s music and Civil War songs in general, here’s a little game for you.  Below are just the first few seconds of some of Bobby’s songs.  Play each one and see if you can identify which song it is.  If you think you can, then send me your guess.  I’ll let you know if you’re right.  And if you feel like you need to get more of Bobby’s CD’s and tapes before you know the answers, then his address and phone number are at the bottom.


The Real Unofficial Bobby Horton Name That Tune Game

Tune 0

Tune 1

Tune 2

Send your guess

For more on Bobby’s songs, contact him at:

Bobby Horton
3430 Sagebrook Lane
Birmingham, AL  35243

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