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My game on the American Revolution, Campaign 1776, benefited from the contributions made by some very talented people.  Below, you will find information on them: Andy Thomas, an artist from Carthage, Missouri, who gave me permission to use his painting “George Washington at Monmouth”, and Thomas Hook, a musician who provided me with many very nice songs from the Revolutionary War period.  Please, I hope you will review the information below and find time to consider their work in more detail.

More information on Andy Thomas - artist

More information on Thomas Hook - musician

Clicking on the link here will download the first 30 seconds of the song “Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier”, performed by Thomas Hook.  The full song features vocals by Jennifer Davis, wife of William C. Davis - Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier (over 1MB so you will need to be patient)

Below is a thumbnail image of Andy’s painting of “George Washington at Monmouth”.


Last word:  Who said “We fight, get beat, rise up, and fight again”?

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