Finding the Way Back to Mayberry

Episode #29, “Quiet Sam”


Barney becomes suspicious of the strange habits of Sam Becker, a shy, secretive farmer living on the outskirts of Mayberry.  Sam’s wife is about to give birth to their first child, and he has nobody to help him.  

Lesson Points:

Curiosity—Barney  (Ecclesiastes 7:21, Proverbs 27:20)

Suspicion and False Accusation—Barney  (Exodus 23:1, 7; Leviticus 19:16; Luke 3:14)

Worry—Sam Becker  (Matthew 6:27, 34)

Confidence and Strength—Andy  (Isaiah 30:15, Philippians 4:13)


Barney often overreacts in situations, but let’s put ourselves in his position.  Do you know people who rarely make eye contact or who answer questions with only a word or two?  How does that make you feel?  Have you ever known anyone who plowed his fields at night?  Would that arouse your curiosity?  If you saw somebody purchasing absorbent cotton, antiseptics, and tranquilizers, might you conclude someone had been cut?  Aren’t law enforcement officials trained to have a skeptical attitude and questioning mind?

In the original, uncut version of this episode, Barney suggests that Sam Becker might be growing marijuana.  Considering this episode was aired in 1961, does that surprise you?

In today’s world, with cell phones and pagers, getting in touch with someone in an emergency situation is much easier than in 1961.  Still, have you ever experienced a situation similar to Sam’s?

What would you have done in Andy’s situation?  Would you have been nervous and “scared to death”?

Final Thought:

Barney:  “I did my part in helping to whip the dreaded Hun.”

Sam:  “I was in Korea.”

Barney:  “I was across the big pond myself.  The other part of the world you might say.  I was second in command of this outfit.  This corporal and me, we was in charge of over 3,000 books in the PX library on Staten Island.”