Finding the Way Back to Mayberry

Episode #91, "The Rivals"

Opie likes a pretty girl from school, Karen Burgess, but she doesn’t seem to care for him.  Andy, Barney, and Thelma Lou try to pick up his spirits in their own way.  However, Thelma Lou’s special attention toward Opie makes Barney jealous.

Lesson Points:
Mentoring – Isaiah 64:8
    Seek Many Mentors During Your Life – Proverbs 15:22
    Obtaining Wisdom – Proverbs 3:13-22
    Passing Wisdom to Others – James 5:13-20
    Even Mentors Need to be Mentored - Proverbs 1:5, Proverbs 19:20

An Open Mind and a Trusting Heart – Opie and Karen – Exodus 33:13-15, Psalm 23
    Don’t Be Too Timid or Too Proud to Ask for Help – 2 Samuel 22:29-33
    Learning From Experience (Yours & Others) – Isaiah 58:11, Job 28:12-28
    Life Doesn’t Have Easy Answers – Psalm 25:5, 27:11, 31:3

The Danger of Wrong Motives (Be a Mentor, Not Tormentor)– Barney – Php. 2:3-4
    A Jealous and Boastful Attitude – Romans 13:13-14 and 11:17-21, 2 Co. 10:12-13
    When the Big Impression Blows Up in Your Face – Psalm 127:1-2

The Importance of Pure Motives – Thelma Lou – 1 Thessalonians 5:14-15
    Sympathetic and Understanding – Hebrews 5:2
    The Effectiveness of Listening – James 1:19, Romans 12:15-17, Isaiah 6:9-10

Positive Parenting – Andy and God – Proverbs 22:6, Psalm 86:11
    Making Time for Those We Love – Psalm 33:11
    Honesty is the Best Policy – Psalm 32:8

    Experience is Sometimes the Best “Advice” – Proverbs 1:20-33
    Don’t be Overly Protective – Psalm 37:28

    Build Up, Not Tear Down – Luke 6:31

1) What were the different, distinct styles of the three mentors?  How did Andy make it easy for Opie to ask him for help?  How did Andy balance his work with raising his son?  How would Opie have reacted if Andy had teased him rather than offered support?

2) What was the main motive for Andy and Thelma Lou?  How about for Barney?  Did Opie really understand that the others were trying to help him?  How did Thelma Lou know how to help Opie?  Why did Barney become so jealous?

3) Was Karen rude to Opie?  Could it be that she was having difficulty, like Opie, in dealing with these new feelings?  Was she jealous of Thelma Lou?  Do you think Karen was being mentored as well?  Why or why not?  Was Opie rude to Thelma Lou?

4) Is it OK to not have all the answers?  Is it OK to ask others for help?  Have you ever given advice to someone before you fully understood the problem?  Do you give advice out of your own needs and weaknesses?  Have you been too proud to seek a mentor?

 5) Do you have any mentors?  Could you ask God to present you with good candidates?  Can you think of a child, friend, or co-worker who may need your help? 

 Final Thought:
Barney: Now, you know I like Opie. I always have. He’s well mannered. He’s obedient, well brought up. He’s a good little fella…but lately, he’s getting to be nothing but a pest!