Finding the Way Back to Mayberry

"Danny Meets Andy Griffith"

 The pilot for The Andy Griffith Show.  Danny meets Andy when Sheriff Taylor must jail Danny for his stubborn refusal to admit that he was speeding through Mayberry on his way from Florida to New York.  Danny believes that he's above the law because he's a "big entertainer" from New York.  Danny comes to realize that Andy is not the country bumpkin that he appears to be.

Lesson Points:
Pride (Proverbs 11:2)
Thinking highly of yourself.
        Standing for principle
        Feeling you've been wronged.
        Using your position for personal gain.

Taking advantage of others
Widows and children (James 1:27)
        Love one another
        Do Christians act like the world?

Turning the other cheek (Matt 5:38-40)
When being attacked
        Our behavior (Luke 6:27-30)
        Putting others first

Consequences (Eze 23:35)
        Of those that have much, more is expected
        Responsibility (Luke 12:47-48)
        Social standing

Accepting Judgment (2 Kings 22:19)|
Learning from mistakes
        Taking responsibility

Danny believes that he's to important to be held responsible for a "small" infraction in the law. Do Christians feel that "small" sins are something to be looked over when others are committing "big" sins?

Should those that have more blessings be held to a higher standard than those that have less?  In God's eyes are those with more held to a higher standard?

Danny called Andy a "hayseed," "Jesse James with a badge," and several other things that were meant to put down Sheriff Taylor.  How should we behave when others speak ill of us?

Final Thought:
"I want you to arrest her, Pa.  And we'll give her a fair trail and HANG her." -Opie