Finding the Way Back to Mayberry

Episode # 178, “Lost and Found”

Aunt Bea misplaces a valuable antique pin, but she hesitates to file an insurance claim on it.  Andy convinces her to accept the insurance check, and then she finds the pin…

Lesson Points:
Asking for that to which we are entitled
    Is God’s will for us—Matthew 7:7-11
    Should not cause guilt—Luke 12:32; Psalm 103:5
    Is sometimes the only way to get what we need—James 4:2

Honesty in every part of life.
    Means always telling the truth.—Romans 12:17; Ephesians 4:15, 25
    Means refusing to accept one cent more than is rightfully ours.—Ephesians 4:28
    Means setting an example for others.—1 Timothy 4:12
Why do you think God wants us to ask for things if He already knows everything we need?

How can we reconcile God’s call for us to deny ourselves with His admonition to ask for what we need?

Does honesty in the little things really matter, as long as we are careful to be honest in the big things?   

Final Thought:
Warren:  “Uh, Andy, you didn’t happen to tell them how the pin fell into the disposal, didya?
Andy:  “Oh, no, I didn’t see any point in getting into personalities.”
Warren:  “Yeah, I, uh, wouldn’t want to see Goober get in any trouble.”