Finding the Way Back to Mayberry

Episode #46 , "Keeper of the Flame"

Opie joins a secret boys club called the Wildcats. They go through a swearing in and promise to never reveal club secrets. Opie is given the job of “Keeper of the flame”. He must bring the sacred candle to all meetings. Opie shares with his dad that he joined a club but can’t tell him anything else. Jubal Foster complains to the Sheriff that some kids are trespassing on his property. He recognizes Opie as one of them. The boys vote to continue using Mr. Foster's property, even though Opie shares with them what he witnessed. Mr. Foster finds them again and chases them off. He goes into his barn and goes to a hidden room where he has been making moonshine. Something happens and a fire breaks out. The barn burns down and he immediately blames the boys. Andy, who didn’t believe Opie was one of the trespassers the first time Mr. Foster came in, believes Opie is one of the cuplrits this time. He goes out to Foster’s to make restitution and Barney happens on the moonshine. He drinks some and gets a little woozy. Andy identifies the fire started with this and arrests Mr. Foster.

Lesson Points:
Making Oaths
        Swearing (to affirm by solemn oath or binding commitment) Matthew 5:33-37
        Accountable (to be held responsible)

Trustworthy (dependable, worthy of being trusted)
        “A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy man keeps a secret.” Prv 11:13
        Sincere (Romans 12:9) Truthful; without deceit or hypocrisy
        False (dishonest; intentionally untrue; misleading)
            “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor” Ex 20:16
        Accuser (to charge with wrongdoing)
            “And don’t accuse people falsely”  Luke 3:14

 Learning from our mistakes
        Instruction (teaching that calls for obedience)
            “A wise son heeds his father’s instruction” Prv 13:1
        Innocent (free from guilt or sin)
            “It is not good to punish an innocent man” Prv 17:26
        Forgive (to pardon or acquit of sins)
            “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” Eph 4:32

Opie liked being part of the secret club. Being in the club required him to do what? 

Often circumstances can make it seem like things are not as though they really are. Have you been accused of something that you had no part of but maybe by your association was linked with it?  When Aunt Bee found the matches in Opie’s room, it was hard not to believe he didn’t have a part in the fire, wasn’t it?

Andy did the right thing when he found out Opie wasn’t guilty. What did he do?  He also shared with Opie that he too had belonged to a secret club as a boy. But in trying to teach him safety he shared that his dad recommended that he be the “keeper of the flashlight”.  How well do we receive instruction from our parents or teachers?