Finding the Way Back to Mayberry

"Fun Girls"

Original Air Date: 4/13/64

Andy and Barney are forced to work late so that they can take their girls to the dance the following night.  After brief interruptions from Helen, Thelma Lou, Gomer and his talented cousin Goober, they get an unexpected visit from "The Fun Girls"  from Mount Pilot.  When the lawmen end up giving Skippy and Daphne a ride back to Mount Pilot, they get caught by Helen and Thelma Lou, and a bad situation gets worse.

Lesson Points
Jumping to Conclusions -  Matthew 7: 1-5

False Accusations - Exodus 23:7

Lies and Deception -  Proverbs 12: 17;  Colossians 3: 9; Proverbs 26: 28

Forgiveness - Luke 7:47

Hanging Out With the Wrong Crowd - Proverbs 29: 3

Guilt by Association - Philippians 2: 15

Consequences for Actions - Galatians 6: 7

Why was Barney embarrassed to admit first to Andy that he knew how to sew and crochet, and later to Thelma Lou, "You're the only girl I love?"

Which pair was the innocent victim in this episode, Helen and Thelma Lou, or Gomer and Goober?

As Barney's boss, Andy could have made Barney take care of the mess he made.  Instead he went along with Barney's plans; not once, but twice.  Why?

Helen and Thelma Lou were quick to jump to conclusions after seeing Andy and Barney with the "Fun Girls."  Did they overreact by using Gomer and Goober to make Andy and Barney jealous?

Were Helen and Thelma Lou too quick to forgive Andy and Barney?

Was Aunt Bee too judgmental in her first impression of the "Fun Girls?"  Why did she immediately try to remove Opie from the situation?

Why did Helen and Thelma Lou seem embarrassed with their choice of dates for the dance?  What changed their minds?

Final Thought
Andy:     Now, don't dawdle. I don't wanna eat that food cold.
Barney:  Are you kiddin'?  The diner guarantees their food to stay hot…hours after you've eaten it.