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Hello! My name is Joey Fann and I appreciate you taking the time to visit BarneyFife.com. This website was originally created in 1998 to provide information about an inspirational study based on themes from The Andy Griffith Show. Little did I know that our small, informal class would generate so much attention!

For the past few years I’ve enjoyed adding information about The Andy Griffith Show as well as my personal reflections of the show including original material we used for our class. Feel free to browse the website and I hope you enjoy the trip back to everyone’s favorite hometown – Mayberry.

"Lots of luck to you and yours!"


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Don Knotts - 1991

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Hal Smith - 1991

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Maggie Peterson - 2000

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"Hello Doll"
Jean Carson - 2000

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George Lindsey - 2003

Don Knotts - 2004

Elinor Donahue - 2004

Maggie Peterson - 2004

Betty Lynn - 2004

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