Frequently Asked Questions


1) Why the name

Well, I wanted the website name to be easily recognizable and associated with Mayberry...

2) What is available on the website? was originally created to provide information on the creation of an informal inspirational class using The Andy Griffith Show as a basis. There are several written resources available including a class intro, episode summaries, and lesson plans.

3) When and where did the Mayberry class mentioned on the website occur?

The Finding the Way Back to Mayberry class debuted in June of 1998 at the Twickenham Church of Christ in Huntsville Alabama. The class was facilitated by Brad Grasham and Joey Fann

4) Is the class currently running at Twickenham?

No.  After four very successful quarters, the class has ended at Twickenham..

5) Can I use the lesson plans and other information on the website for my own Mayberry class?

Yes.  The purpose of the website is to provide information and ideas about the Mayberry class concept to the public.

6) Where can I learn more about the inspirational lessons from Mayberry?

The Way Back to Mayberry (published by Broadman & Holman) was written by Joey Fann, who founded the original Mayberry class (along with Brad Grasham) and created the website. In this book, Joey features thirty selected episodes from the The Andy Griffith Show series and offers his interpretation of the message presented by reflecting on experiences and events in his own life. This book features a Foreword by cast member George Lindsey and is peppered with well-chosen photographs from the original series.  Ask for the book at you local bookstore, or order on-line at Weaver's Department Store.

7) I've noticed some episodes of The Andy Griffith Show shown on television are cut to make time for more commercials.  Is it possible to purchase the complete episodes?

After much anticipation, Yes!!!  The complete EIGHT seasons of The Andy Griffith Show have been released on DVD by Paramount Home Video! These DVDs are of exceptional quality and feature uncut episodes. You can order the entire series from Weaver's Department Store today!

8) Where can I buy cool Barney Fife stuff and other Mayberry collectibles?

Again, Weaver's Department Store  is an excellent on-line source of all kinds of Mayberry related merchandise.  The extensive product list and outstanding service comes highly recommended!

9) What is Barney's middle name?

Take your pick!  Milton, Oliver, and the middle initial "P." were all given as Barney's middle name at one time or another during the series.

10) In which episode does Barney perform the hilarious recitation of the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States?

Episode #103, "Opie's Ill-Gotten Gain", Original Air Date: 11-18-63.

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