Mayberry Class Commentary

Over the past few years,  several news articles and editorials have been written in response to the Mayberry class concept.  Since we started our class back in June of 1998, I have been amazed at the attention the idea has received.  When contemplating the widespread success of this concept, the question of why this forty year old TV series is still so popular keeps coming to mind.  Many fans of the show suggest that an important element of this popularity is that the show itself is upheld by basic moral principles.  But more than that, I believe the fictional characters of Mayberry taught us how to care for each other, to serve each other, and to love each other.  And in a nutshell, that genuine concern for each other was what Mayberry was all about.

Following are selected columns featuring the positive themes and examples found in the episodes of The Andy Griffith Show.

The Mayberry Way

Story by Tonya Smith-King

of  The Jackson Sun (Tennessee)

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The gospel according to Mayberry

Story by Brooke Cain

of The News & Observer (Raleigh)

Renewing Our Faith on the Road to Mayberry

Commentary by Kendall Wingrove


Mayberry Folks had the Secrets we seek Today

Column by Steve Blow

of The Dallas Morning News

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The Bible according to Barney Fife

Story by Dennis McCafferty

of USA Weekend

The Gospel according to Andy

by Rachel Zoll

of The Associated Press

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The Sermon for Today

by Jimmy Patterson

of the Midland (Texas) Reporter-Telegram

'Andy Griffith' Draws Crowds to Bible Class

By Leon Alligood

of The Tennessean

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The Gospel according to Mayberry

by Melanie B. Smith

of The Decatur Daily

'Andy Griffith Show' fans tune in to its lessons in Bible Class

by Yvonne White

of The Huntsville Times

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Classic series provides parables for adult Bible study

published in

The Christian Chronicle

Bible Class is on the Gospel as Mayberry would Teach it

by Gayle White and Ralph Ellis

of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Genuine Concern for Others - Mayberry Residents Teach Bible Lessons


of  The Richmond Times-Dispatch

From Mayberry to Millionaires

by Brian Tighe


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Local Sunday school class watches show for Christian values

by Leigh Nelms

of The Morning News of Northwest Arkansas

The Gospel According to Andy Griffith

by Richelle Thompson

of The Cincinnati Enquirer

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