Finding the Way Back to Mayberry

Lesson 7 - Opie's Hobo Friend

While fishing, Andy and Opie bump into a shrewd vagabond name Dave Browne. Opie is soon impressed by "Mr. Dave," who does magic tricks and talks to the fish in Meyers Lake. Barney, however is not impressed by Browne and arrests him for violating Code #63, vagrancy and loitering. In order to keep Barney off his back, Andy hires Mr. Dave to do some hedge-trimming at his house, but the hobo would rather go fishing with Opie. Soon, Mr. Dave teaches Opie the art of irresponsibility and encourages him to cheat, procrastinate, and play hooky.

When Barney hauls in Opie after catching him skipping school, Andy pays Mr. Dave a visit. He explains the situation and orders him to leave town. Browne tells Andy that when he departs all of Andy’s troubles with Opie will be over. Andy disagrees, stating that Opie thinks so much of Mr. Dave that his troubles are just beginning...

Lesson Points
Like a Child - Opie

        Open to New Ideas

            "...grab at the first flashy thing with ribbons on it."

        Not Able to Discern the Consequences (1 John 3:7)

            "...then, when he finds out there’s a hook, it’s too late."

        Our Duty to Train Up (Prov. 22:6)

Right vs. Wrong - Mr. Dave

        Rationalization (Phil. 2:14-16)

            "...either way, the gumball machine doesn’t care."

        Procrastination (James 1:22-25, Phil. 3:12-14)

            "...the most perfect day to start any job, tomorrow."

        Contempt for Authority

            "...not above bending the law now and then."

Instilling Values - Andy

        Responsible for Our Influence (Matt. 5:14)

            "...things rub off on them so easy."

        Teaching the Truth (Col. 3:16)

            "...a lot of grownups still struggle with that same problem."

        Showing the Consequences (Rom 6:23)

            " really stole it."

Discuss our responsibility as adults to be a good influence to those who look up to us.

Do you think Mr. Dave intended to do harm to Opie?

What do you think prompted Mr. Dave to "steal" Aunt Bea’s purse?

How was this performance by Mr. Dave the best lesson Opie could learn?

What might Mr. Dave have learned from this experience?

Final Thought
"All a parent can do is say wait, trust me, and try to keep temptation away."