Finding the Way Back to Mayberry

Lesson 3 - Andy on Trial

Andy travels to Raleigh to locate noted newspaper publisher J. Howard Jackson and bring him back to Mayberry. Two weeks earlier, Andy ticketed the businessman for speeding. Mr. Jackson was issued a summons to appear before the Mayberry justice of the peace (Andy) within a few days. He chose to ignore the summons.

Now, a very irritated Mr. Jackson, accompanied by his lawyer, reluctantly returns to the small town to stand before Andy. He pleads guilty and is fined $15.00. Upset by having to travel that far to pay such a small fine, the irate publisher leaves the courthouse vowing revenge. When he returns to Raleigh, he orders one of his reporters, Jean Boswell, to go to Mayberry and dig up all the "dirt" she can find on Andy, then twist it into a scathing article against the sheriff. He wants Andy’s reputation destroyed...

Lesson Points
Disrespect for Authority - Mr. Jackson (I Peter 2:13-17)

            Above the Law - Power, Time, Money

            Expected to Buy His Way Out

            Decided to Get Even (Matt. 5:39)

            Never Accept Responsibility

A Boastful Spirit - Barney (Eph. 2:8-10)

            Human Nature - Wanting to Lift Himself Up (James 4:10)

            Making Himself Look Good at the Expense of Others

            Getting "Carried Away..."

            Seemingly Innocent (no malice intended)

Value of Friendship - Barney and Andy (I Sam. 20:4, 17)

            Taking our Friends for Granted

            Putting our Friendships at Risk

            Strengthening and Defending (John 15:13)

            True Forgiveness (Eph. 4:31-32)

How prevalent is Mr. Jackson’s attitude in today’s society, and what can we do to guard against having that attitude.

Was it Barney’s intention to hurt Andy?

Both Barney and Mr. Jackson knew they had done wrong; compare their individual reactions...

What can be said about Andy’s response to the whole situation?

What is more important: running a "taut ship" or being aware of the needs of others?  How does this concept relate to Jesus’ ministry on this earth?

Final Thought
"When you’re dealing with people you do a whole lot better if you go not so much by the book, but by the heart."