Finding the Way Back to Mayberry

Lesson 21 – The Case of the Punch in the Nose

Andy and Barney are going through some old records at the courthouse when Barney comes across an assault case that had apparently not been settled. The case is between Floyd Lawson the barber and Charlie Foley who runs the local grocery store. Andy doesn’t see the wisdom in opening a case that has been closed for almost twenty years, but Barney feels like the matter needs to be settled once and for all. Apparently Floyd and Mr. Foley had an argument about whether Mr. Foley would pay for a shave that Mr. Foley said he didn’t ask for. Words were exchanged and Floyd punched Mr. Foley right in the nose. Now, when Floyd hears Mr. Foley’s recollection of twenty years ago, he disagrees and another argument ensues. Before you know it, the whole town is involved…

Lesson Points
Taking Sides (Romans 15:1-7)

            Jumping to Conclusions

            Forgetting What is Important

            Destroying Unity

Our Influence (Romans 12:1-2)

            We Are Being Watched

            From the Eyes of the Children (Eph. 5:1-2)

            Importance of Our Example

Value of Old Friends (John 15:11-17)

            In Times of Hardship

            Taking Friends for Granted

            A Blessing We Should Cherish

Forgiveness (Eph. 4:31-32)

            First Law of Friendship

            Not Always Easy

            We will be Forgiven (Matt. 6:14-15)

Andy stated that "what started out as an insignificant thing had blown up all out of reason." Can we relate to that statement with specific situations in our lives? Give some examples.

Opie and his friend got caught up in the conflict even though they didn’t understand what it was all about. What does this situation tell us about how children imitate the actions of adults? What about our responsibility as examples to our youth?

Floyd and Mr. Foley almost lost their friendship over a silly misunderstanding. How much are we aware of the importance of our friendships, and what can we do to avoid putting our friendships at risk?

When the case was re-opened, Mr. Foley and Floyd were quick to remember their side of the story. However, Andy had to remind them of their responsibility to forgive. When we think we have been wronged are we more concerned with forgiveness or with our rights?

Final Thought
"...and the first law of friendship is to be ready to forgive." - Andy