Finding the Way Back to Mayberry

Lesson 2 - Man in a Hurry

It’s a quiet Sunday morning and Malcolm Tucker, the owner of Tucker Enterprises in Charlotte, experiences car trouble two miles outside of Mayberry. Mr. Tucker is in a hurry to return to Charlotte for a big business meeting on Monday. Sunday is a day of rest in Mayberry - a fact that collides with Mr. Tucker’s hectic lifestyle.

Wally, the filling station owner in Mayberry, prefers to sit on his porch and read the Sunday paper than be bothered by an out-of-town businessman with car problems. He assures Mr. Tucker that he will repair his car first thing in the morning. This doesn’t satisfy Mr. Tucker, so he turns to Gomer Pyle for help. When Gomer proves to be no help at all, Mr. Tucker explodes and steals Gomer’s truck. Andy catches him but, under the conditions, refuses to press charges. Instead, Andy takes Mr. Tucker home with him for Sunday dinner...

Lesson Points
Patience (James 1:2-4)

            Not a popular virtue

            Something we work on and develop

            Trials produce patience in us


            What consumes our time?

            Search for contentment (Phil. 4:11-13)

            It’s up to us to change

Appreciation of Life

            "God made us, WE have made ourselves complicated" (Ecc. 7:29)

            Being still (Ps 46:10)

            Silence, a rarity in our time

Serving Unselfishly (Luke 14:8-11)

            Attitude of humility

            Considering others (Phil. 2: 3,4)

            Joy and satisfaction gained by serving

How does Malcolm’s tirade "I want this car fixed now, today, this minute!" compare to our own attitude regarding patience? Can patience make you a better person? How?

Initially, Malcolm was completely unable to deal with his situation in Mayberry. What are the dangers of basing our contentment and happiness on the circumstances of our lives?

Why was it so hard for Malcolm to relax? How easy is it to integrate "quiet time" into your schedule? Is this an important issue in your life?

In the episode, Malcolm was blinded by his self-centered attitude. Discuss some things he might have learned from Andy and the rest. In the end, who was responsible for his change of attitude?

Final Thought
"You people are living in another world!" - Malcom Tucker.  But should we?  Read Rom 12:2.