Finding the Way Back to Mayberry

Lesson 17 - The New Housekeeper

Andy and Opie’s housekeeper, Rose, is marrying Wilbur Pine and moving away. Andy’s Aunt Bee is coming to live with them and raise Opie, just as she raised Andy years before. Aunt Bee is thrilled to be needed. Opie pleads for Rose to stay, but Andy explains that she is leaving for good.

When Aunt Bee arrives, Opie immediately rejects her. He tells Andy that Aunt Bee can’t fish, hunt frogs, or play baseball like Rose did. These are important things for a little boy. Andy attempts to teach Aunt Bee, but she is a total washout as an angler and athlete. The situation worsens when Aunt Bee accidentally allows Opie’s pet bird to escape from his cage. Believing that Opie will never accept her, Aunt Bee regretfully decides to leave...

Lesson Points
Handling the Changes

            Life’s different stages

            Insurmountable challenges (2 Cor. 4:7-9)

            Faith in God’s Will (Matt. 6:25-27)


            of others

            in our relationships

            of God (James 1:17)


            Based on conditions

            Begins with us

            Prayer for unity (John 17:20-23)

Change of Heart

            Like a child (Matt. 18:4)

            Seeing things in a different light

Opie was forced to deal with some drastic changes in life at a very young age. How do we deal with the unexpected turns and changes that come our way?

Aunt Bee was also forced to deal with changes. What can we learn from her patience and her willingness to go the second mile?

How did Rose affect Opie’s expectation of Aunt Bee? How might past experiences in our life affect our expectations of others? Are our expectations always realistic?

Opie’s acceptance of Aunt Bee was based on specific conditions. What are some of the conditions we place on others before giving them our acceptance?

In the end, Opie realized that it wasn’t all about him - that the well being of others was more important. What can be learned from this example?

Final Thought
"You need me!" - Opie