Finding the Way Back to Mayberry

Lesson 15 - The Sermon for Today

It is Sunday morning in Mayberry, and like most of their neighbors, the Taylors are going to church. Their regular preacher at the All Souls Church, Reverend Tucker, has invited a guest minister from New York City to deliver today’s sermon. He is Dr. Harrison Everett Breen, a noted author.

Dr. Breen’s message is about the unfortunate acceleration of the pace of life. It seems that few people are taking time to relax and enjoy life. He reminds the congregation of days gone by, when people took time to enjoy old-fashioned band concerts. He challenges them with the question, "What’ your hurry?"

Lesson Points
"I’m going to preachin’, are you coming?" - Andy [Psalms 122:1]

          Fellowship with each Other.

          Importance of the Assembly.

          Considering the Feelings of Others.

"What is the meaning of it all?" - Dr. Breen [Mark 8:36]

          How do we live our Lives Today?

          The Gauge of Our Success.

          Being Happy where you Are.

"Wither are we headed and we drive ourselves?" - Dr. Breen

          Do we know how to Relax?

          Our "in basket" will never be Empty.

          How we Respond to Life is Our Choice. [James 5:13]

"In our furious race to conquer outer space, are we not forgetting inner space?" - Dr. Breen

          Perception of Not having enough Time

          Scheduling Time for "Inner Work" (i.e. study, meditation, prayer)

Andy didn’t want to go to services because he has "been taking from Reverend Tucker" for years. How does this attitude of avoiding change affect the church today?

How often do we reflect on "what is the meaning of it all?" If we considered this question more often, how might our priorities in life change?

Do you ever feel guilty about wanting to relax? Why? How is being able to relax different from being lazy?

The band concert was doomed from the start because the citizens failed to have a plan to accomplish their goals. In our busy schedules today, discuss the importance of having a plan to nurture our spiritual lives.

Final Thought
"Yes sir, that’s one subject you just can’t talk enough about - sin." - Barney