Finding the Way Back to Mayberry

Lesson 14 - The Jinx

Barney claims that a kindly old man named Henry Bennett is a jinx. Andy tries to disprove Barney’s theories by inviting Henry to accompany him and Barney to the opening day fishing sweepstakes. Andy and Barney have won the sweepstakes the past three years for having the best catch of the day. Barney is outraged when Andy tells him Henry is joining them, an he refers to his book for lucky charms and chants to combat Henry’s presence.

Meanwhile, Henry starts believing he is a jinx and decides the best thing he could do is to leave Mayberry. Andy scolds Barney and his cohorts for acting foolish and for being inconsiderate to a lifelong friend. Collectively, everyone agrees to try to restore Henry’s confidence...

Lesson Points
How We Treat Others (Romans 12:10-13)

            Petty Prejudices

            Thinking Only of Ourselves

            Think before we Speak

Silly Superstitions (Isaiah 2:6)

            What’s Luck got to do with it?

            Where is our faith?

Effect of Our Actions (Phil. 2:3)

            Realizing the Hurt

            Considering Feelings of Others

            Can’t Change the Past

Value of Friendship (John 15:13)

            Taking Friends for Granted

            A True Blessing

            Essential in Times of Need

Barney had rationalized his opinion of Henry with "scientific evidence". How might we rationalize our opinions of others today?

Why is it sometimes easier to wish for good luck than to approach God with our requests?

Do you think Barney, Floyd, and the rest of the gang intended to hurt Henry? Why did it take Henry announcing his departure from Mayberry for them realize what they had done?

How important is it for us to build and preserve our friendships? What parallels do you see between your earthly friendships and your relationship with Jesus.

Final Thought
"The luckiest thing a man can have is friendship." - Andy