Finding the Way Back to Mayberry

Lesson 11 - Barney and Thelma Lou, Phfft!

While Andy and Barney are busy at the courthouse filling out monthly reports, Thelma Lou calls to ask Barney to take her to Mount Pilot for a dental appointment. Unfortunately, the squad car is at Wally’s being repaired. Andy suggests that Barney should call a taxi, but Barney nixes the idea as too costly. Moments later, Gomer stops by the courthouse to announce that Wally will not have the car fixed until later in the day. He then volunteers to drive Thelma Lou to Mount Pilot. Barney is grateful, but Andy kids him that he’s liable to lose his girl to Gomer. Barney replies that he has no reason to worry about losing Thelma Lou because "I’ve got that little girl right in my hip pocket!" Gomer leaves to go get Thelma Lou, and during the drive he innocently repeats what Barney said...

Lesson Points
Taking Each Other for Granted

            Realistic Expectations

            The Giver versus The Taker (Phil. 2:3)

            Planning for Happiness

The Art of Communication

            Understanding Each Other (Eph. 4:31)

            Balance in Conversation

            Undivided Attention

Showing Love for One Another

            Affection says "I Care About You"

            Communicating says "I Trust You"

            Mutual Accomplishment says "I Need You" (Gal. 6:2)

            Giving says "I Love You"

At the very beginning, Barney describes how he pictured his den would be when he came home from a hard day’s work. Was this an unrealistic expectation? Did you have any unrealistic expectations going into your relationship? How did you resolve them?

Was how Barney felt about Thelma Lou typical of a person who had been in a relationship for a while? How can we guard against this attitude?

What do you think about Thelma Lou’s reaction to Barney’s "hip pocket" remark. How could Thelma Lou have "communicated" her displeasure with Barney differently?

Barney was willing to try to make up by bringing Thelma Lou flowers, but he still complained to himself that he was "crawling". Do you think he could have used improvement in his attitude of affection and giving...

Final Thought
Gomer: "Ain’t you gonna kiss her on the jaw, Barney?"
Barney: "Well, I am if you ever get out of here!"