Finding the Way Back to Mayberry

Lesson 10 - Mr. McBeevee

Opie is at the age where he particularly enjoys utilizing his vivid imagination. Andy plays along when Opie pretends to be a cowboy named Tex, with a horse named Blackie. Barney isn’t so thrilled by imagination. He’s a bit gullible and he takes everything literally. Andy is amused when Opie begins telling him about a man he met while playing in the woods. He says his name is Mr. McBeevee and that he walks among the treetops and wears a big, shiny silver hat. Later, Andy is concerned when his young son displays a dulled hatchet and claims that Mr. McBeevee gave it to him...

Lesson Points
How we Perceive what Others Say - Barney and Andy

            We hear, but do we listen? (Luke 8)

            Jumping to Conclusions

            Judging by Past Performance

Holding to the Truth - Opie

            Tempted by the "Easy Out" (James 1)

            What Really Matters

            Standing Your Ground (John 8:32)

Faith - Andy

            Doesn’t Answer All Questions

            In Things Unseen   (Heb. 11:1)

            In the Person (John 20:29)

How might the incident with "Blackie" have swayed Andy and Barney’s opinion of the existence of Mr. McBeevee?

When Opie was describing Mr. McBeevee to Barney, it made sense to us because we knew the whole story. How might this be an example when we’re asked to believe something that we think doesn’t make sense?

How does society view holding on to the truth when it is not in our personal best interest?

When Andy made the decision to believe in Opie, did he have all the answers? How does that situation translate into our faith today?

Final Thought
"I guess it’s a time like this when you’re asked to believe something that just don’t seem possible; that’s the moment that decides whether you’ve got faith in somebody or not."