Finding the Way Back to Mayberry

Lesson 13 - Christmas Story

It’s Christmas Eve, and Andy is filled with the spirit of the season. He allows all of the jail’s prisoners to go home for the holiday, with the promise that they’ll return the day after Christmas. Ben Weaver, owner of the local department store, shows up and has hauled in Sam Muggins for moonshining. Ben - a real Scrooge when it comes to Christmas - has the evidence in hand and demands that Andy do his sworn duty. Andy not only arrests Sam, he also "arrests" Sams’s wife, Bess, daughter Effie and son Billy as accessories to the crime...

Lesson Points
Goodwill Toward Men (Luke 2:13,14) - Andy

        Happiness is a Choice

        Interest of Others at Heart

        "Family Values"

Pride/Selfishness (1 John 2:16) - Ben

        Profit over People

        Refusing to see the Human Factor

        Threatening Nature (misuse of power)

Finding Good in Every Situation (Proverbs 3:5,6) - All

        When Troubled Times Come

        Willingness to Help

        Joy in Sharing with Others

Change of Heart (Phil. 2:3-4) - Ben

        Sacrificing our Pride

        Remembering what is Important

        Spirit of Giving

What did you notice about Andy’s mood at the beginning of the episode?

Compare Andy’s attitude toward his fellow citizens of Mayberry with Ben’s initial attitude.

When things don’t work out the way we want them to, how do we react? How willing are we to make the best of whatever we encounter in life?

At the beginning, Ben’s only concern was the money lost by his store. How did his attitude change as he witnessed the Christmas spirit displayed by Andy and the rest?