Government Warning

1) According to the Surgeon General, women should not drink alcoholic beverages during bar hopping sessions due to the risk of pregnancy from becoming wasted and thus fornicating.

2) Men, consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs the ability to judge real beauty of women and therefor can result in getting the women mentioned above pregnant which would consequently result in making child support payments etc. etc. and possibly loosing your bike.

3) And the surgeon general also warns that Harley's are not intended to be owned by bonehead little weenies that have no business owning a Harley-Davidson as they end up wanting all biker events to now be family oriented which means women will no longer be able to show us there tits or run around naked. Also mud and oil wrestling will no longer exist and eventually strip clubs will have to all close up because of these bonehead sorry ass little weenies that are screwing up the world of Harley-Davidson ownership that we, the proud, the sleazy love to be a part of!

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