Tom Barnhart's Y2K 4th of July Party

Every year Tom and Kara Barnhart host a 4th of July party at their house. It's a great event to attend if you know them and are invited to the "party". Tom starts out by having a live pig killed and cleaned the day before. He cooks it on his smoker for about 16 hours, basting it all along with his secret white sauce. The end result is something you won't find at any local BBQ shop! This year, the party was held on Saturday before the 4th because the 4th fell on a Tuesday. This is a big deal for both of them and Tom and Kara work hard all week preparing for the event. Tom also names each pig. This one was named Charlene and she tasted great! Hope you enjoy the pictures.


This is a picture of a few people starting to pick the pig (Vic - closest to the camera, I think is there just to watch us pick the pig). Like I said before, this pig has been on the smoker for about 16 hours. The bones are just pulled out of the meat and the pork is lifted out with tongs, fingers or whatever else is handy. Picking the pig is the best job to have at Tom's house!


Another picture of the same people picking the pig. Kara's brother Mike is to the left with the white hat. The pig was split in half before being placed on the smoker, skin down.


OK, so I like this pig a lot! You can see people reaching in with tongs to pull the meat out of the skin.


This flag is donated by John Roderick every year for "the cause". The flag also represents the real reason for the celibration, the 4th of July, America's Independence Day!


A few people hanging out and talking before all of the food was put out. This is very much a family event and some guests bring their kids. Tom had his hot tub set up for them to play in.


I caught Kara by suprise in her kitchen. Won't she be suprised when she find out that this picture is all over the net?


The two people who make it all happen.


A few at the party. Mark (giving a "thumbs up" with his fork) is one of the three who stayed up all night with Charlene.


Me (left), my wife (Karen) and Kara posing with Dottie and her kids.


Oops, caught Shree (center) with her mouth full. Dottie, Vic's wife is sitting to the left.


John Roderick, Shree's husband, officially known as the "Keeper of the Flag" at the party.


The pig after it's been picked and after everyone is done eating.


This is really the best time to pick some of the pig and eat it right on the spot (like my wife is doing). There is still a lot of meat left in the skin. One advantage of being the photographer is that you can do it too and not get caught in the picture!


More pictures of a few at the party, after eating.


And more.............
The person in the blue jeans, red socks and black hat is Russ, the local BMW expert. Yah, I know, this is a harley site but Russ is a local legend because he really does knows his stuff. Bob (center, blue shirt) gave us quite a scare at the party when he passed out.


Tom playing with his dog Milo. Milo is kind of different as far as dogs go, even with all of the food around, he didn't beg. Instead, Milo waited patiently for Tom to feed him. My dog would have gone nuts with all of the pork around.


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