Sidecar Tech Tips

Local Articles

Some stuff to consider before purchasing a sidecar rig
Personal opinion of sidecars, what to expect with a sidecar and experiences with my setup.

Sidecars and tires
Sidecar tire wear and my opinion of the current "add a car tire" trend.

Other web sites

Frank Strenk's Opinion on Sidecaring
A very straight foreward sidecar article written by someone who appears to have covered a few miles. His article is a "must read" for anyone who is thinking of purchasing a sidecar for the first time. It looks like this guy is about as opinionated as I am!

Joe's Sidecar Page
Joe's page contains quite a few articles written by him for BMWMOA as well as the Sidecarest.

Motorvation - Shopping for a Sidecar
A great sidecar check list that's useful even if you don't choose Motorvation Engineering for your next sidehack.

Motorvation Sidecar Operation Manual
A pretty good Motorvation Engineering "how to ride" page, once you wade through all of the legal stuff.

North American Russian Motorcycle Association
Excellent Ural and Dnepr Russian motorcycle tech section. I'm sure that some of the stuff covered would also be useful to BMW riders.

Three Wheeled Vehicles
An excellent sidecar and trike article by Mr. James R. Davis. This one is a must read for anyone considering the purchase of a sidecar!

Three Wheel'in
Interesting sidecar site with a "how to ride" section and links to many other sidehack sites.

Ural Classic Sidecar Motorcycle
Excellent "how to ride" section. 80% of the section applies to any rigid sidecar setup.

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