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American Motorcycle Classics
An extensive list of photo ads, sorted by category and what's real neat - the service is free!

Arlen Ness Enterprises
On line catalog

Babes Harley Page
Biker wisdom, links and free graphics.

Big Daddy's Biker Party
Biker party pictures, links, classified ads, biker bars and more.

Biker Heaven
Artwork, links to other pages, dealers and "stuff".

Billy 5 Speed Hideaway
Great graphics, music, animation and lots of links.

BMW Motorcycle Owners of America
So, it's not a Harley site but nobody's perfect! It's a neat site with some good information and BMW's are great machines. (Go ahead and flame me, my email is at the bottom of this page.)

British Columbia Coalition of Motorcyclists
A lobbying organization for motorcyclist's rights. It is made up of members and supporters from all walks of life, every income group, profession and affiliation, representing every make and model of motorcycle. B.C.C.O.M endorses, recognizes, supports and is involved in all aspects of motorcycling, from street riding and touring, to racing and off-road.

Choppers Rule
The ultimate chopper site. Devoted to those tireless men and women who, with blowtorch in hand and wrench in teeth - turn the commonplace into rolling works of art.

Cyberbikers Home Page
Girls, bikes, beer cans and links. Who could ask for more?

Your Internet Source for Discount Motorcycle Parts.
They carry OEM parts for Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, and Harley.

Dennis Kirk
My favorite parts source.

Direct Parts, Inc
Direct Parts Inc. Online Harley Parts sales, expert riding advice, tech articles

Endless Highways
This site is dedicated to the endless miles covered by bikers on their machines, the adventures, the parties, the misfortunes, the babes, the pinnacles of human experience, the broken bones and hearts, and all the other shit we run into along the way.

European Motorcycle Universe
A very complete European motorcycle on line magazine.

Hack'd Magazine
Hack'd is a great magazine for and about sidecars. Anyone who owns or is considering the purchase of a side hack should consider subscribing to Hack'd magazine.

What would this web page be without a link to "the" page?

Harley-Davidson Club Leopoldsburg
An interesting web site from Leopoldsburg, Belgium. The site has pictures from their 1999 ralley, links and a schedule of their upcomong rally. Great site from the country that makes the greatest lambic beer in the world!

Heavy Duty Cycles
A Toronto parts dealer and garage with very good newsletter. The newsletter contains lots of helpful technical tips.

Home Page for Frank Strenk, P.E., Electrical Engineer
Lots of family and sidehack pictures and a good sidecar article. Looks like this guy is about as opinionated as I am!

Iron Butt Association
The worlds toughest motorcycle riders.

Joe's Sidecar Page
Joe's page contains quite a few articles written by him for BMWMOA as well as the Sidecarest.

Events, Karen's favorite Harley-Davidson's, Daytona and Laconia pictures.

Knights of the Riceburner Chapter 2
They ride cheap rice burners, drink cheap beer and are proud of it!

Miney's Erotic Pictures
The name says it all. But why is her site on my Favorite Motorcycle Links page? It's just because she is just a country girl from Georgia that enjoys showing her erotic side and her love for Harleys and country style living !

Moto Directory
Probably one of the most complete motorcycle directories on the net!

Motorcycle Tips and Techniques
A great set of motorcycle articles, tips and techniques written by and collected by Mr. James R. Davis.

Motorcycle Online
Great on line magazine.

Motorcycle Riders Foundation
Protecting Your Rights in our Nation's Capital

Murphy's Law
Links, biker babes, chat, tattoos and other cool stuff.

North American Russian Motorcycle Association
Rally's, events, tech tips - all centered on Ural and Dnepr Russian motorcycles.

North American Sport Bike Registry
This site provides a list of fun, twisty roads - all indexed by state or province. They also have an easy to use trip check list posted on the site.

Cool bike table plans complete with pictures and a materials list, links, local events and a great tips section.

Rick's Lair
Interesting Harley-Davidson page with lots of additional links. This page is definitely not for young children.

Discount motorcycle accessories including goggles, shades, head gear as well as other cool stuff.

Links to all of the major motorcycle manufacturers and parts suppliers.

Russ Barnett
Designer of Custom American Motorcycle Parts.

Smith Customs
Joe Smith is a custom Motorcycle painter who specializes in Harley-Davidson. His shop is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - home of Harley-Davidson.

Starklite Indian Motorcycles Page
Lots of Indian stuff.

Steve's Harley and Sidecar Page
Neat page with camping information, lots of sidecar and other useful links.

S&S has been manufacturing high performance engine parts for Harley-Davidson's for over 30 years. At S&S, the words "Proven Performance" mean business.

The American Motorcycle Association
This web site will keep you updated on developments in the entire range of AMA activities. From state and national legislative efforts to road-riding events, from the starting line of the world's largest amateur competition program to checkered-flag results from AMA Pro Racing, the sanctioning body for America's highest level of professional motorcycle racing.

The Daytona Official Bike Week Page
Includes hotel and camp ground listings, maps and lots of other bike week stuff.

The Virtual Biker
These pages are dedicated to those who ride on the slightly darker side of the Harley life.

Three Wheel'in
Interesting sidecar site with a "how to ride" section and links to many other sidehack sites. The author also has an excellent Route 66 write up.

HD Drag Racing, High Performance, Online Shops, Accessories, Tee Shirts, Videos, Biker TV, Hot Links, Online, Bands

United Sidecar Association
Sidecar safety program, publications and membership information.

Ural Classic Sidecar Motorcycle
OK, it's not a Harley site either! It's another neat site with some good information. (Go ahead and flame me again.). Excellent "how to ride" section. 80% of the section applies to any rigid sidecar setup.

V-Twin cafe'
An interesting Harley-Davidson performance site.

World Wide Glide
The first Harley-related web site on the net. Essential information for Harley riders from Harley riders

Links to quite a few sidecar sites.

Software Links

Black Crawling Systems Archives
Lots of interesting technical stuff. Visit this site if you are into software, electronic projects, UFO's or maybe just because someone is watching you from around the corner.

GIF Construction Set
Utility used to create animated GIF files.

The Web Developers Virtual Library
Lots of ideas and lots of links.

A web page tracking service that I use. They provide an interesting statistics package.

Windows 95 Shareware
A very good shareware site.

Weather Links

National weather forecast.

Channel 31, WAAY TV
Local (North Alabama & South, Central Tennessee) weather radar and forecast.

Other Links

A very important web site!
Translation: My wife likes to shop here.

General Hydroponics
Want to start your own indoor garden? These people have the stuff.

Joe Amyoony's Home Page
Hundreds of cool links. Check it out when you have lots of extra time.

Joke City
The title says it all.

Kelly Blue Book
Check out the value of your current or next car.

A great company with a great product line. Of course, I'm probably biased since I used to work for them.

Raintree Nursery
Raintree Nursery is an independent, family nursery just south of Mt. Ranier in the state of Washington. They specialize in providing edible plants of the highest quality.

My local internet service provider and host for this page. Check them out if you live in Alabama. HiWAAY really is a great service provider.

The Onion
Very interesting satire magazine. Not intended for readers under 18.

WEB Side Story World 1000
The web surfer's dream site, the webmaster's playground and the true gateway to the information superhighway. The World 1000 lists thousands of sites in 36 categories and ranks them based on the amount of traffic they receive.

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