My name is Duchess Gretchen Of Essex!

Welcome to my personal domain. My friend Fritz says that one day Schnauzers will rule the world. I believe this, because I rule my world "NOW". If you don't believe me, ask my mom and dad. Anybody doing anything within my sight, no matter where I am, has to answer to me or suffer my BARK. [You will find a link to Fritz's homepage later on this page.]
If you would like to view some events from my earlier life, before I rose to my throne, please continue.

This picture was taken on my first trip to Gatlinburg in the Smokey Mountains. I was about six months old. My mom and dad showed me all the places they have been. They have been going to Gatlinburg 2 or 3 times a year for at least twenty years. I have been to Gatlinburg about five times now. I like it there. Now I have a friend named Tilly that lives close to Gatlinburg. We have been sending e-mail to each other. I am going to go see her the next time I go to the Smokey Mountains. I have a link to her webpage later on this page.

I hear people asking mom and dad how long it took to train me. :) Don't tell them, but I'm the one that did the training. I have them wrapped around my little paw. It started when my dad rescued me from what he calls a backyard puppy mill. It is a long story, but they adopted me when I was 3 1/2 weeks old. My dad says that I must be redneck. Jeff Foxworthy says "you can tell a redneck if his family tree doesn't fork". When dad finally got my Papers, let's just say there weren't many branches. I must admit I was the cutest little thing and they took real good care of me. In no time at all, I had them hooked.

Don't laugh at my ears. I can't help it that they look so big. My mom couldn't stand the thought of me having to get my ears clipped. Mom and dad decided to leave them so they would flop down. After looking at pictures in my Schnauzer book, mom and dad decided they liked floppy ears better than the clipped ears. I fooled them! My ears don't flop at all. They stick up 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I don't know how many times I have heard "do you think she will grow into her ears?" I just act like I'm going to bite them. I wouldn't really.

Not long ago my parents went to Memphis to see the China Exhibit. They stayed at the Peabody Hotel. My mom has always wanted to see the ducks march from the elevator to the fountain in the lobby. Anyway, they had fun while I had to stay home. All I got out of the deal was a darn tee shirt.

Sometimes when I have been real good, my dad will take me for a ride on his bicycle. He carries me in my doggie pouch. We bought the doggie pouch the last time we were in Gatlinburg, TN. Boy did we attract a lot of attention walking around town.


FOOTBALL is one of the main topics in Alabama, especially in the Fall. Here in Alabama there is a BIG football rivalry between the University of Alabama and the other team. Uh, Uh, Oh Yea...Auburn University. During the football season this rivalry has come between family and friends. I personally don't believe the sport of football should be that serious, but I guess you can tell where my allegiance lies. There is another team in Tennessee, the University of Tennessee, that poses a threat to both Alabama and Auburn. As I memtioned earlier, I have just recently made a new friend in Tennessee. Tilly wrote me after seeing my web page. A couple of weeks later, she wrote me and said she got an idea after seeing me in my BAMA bandana. Her mom made her a special page for her web site. You need to go see Tilly the VOL, but be sure to come back here when you're through.

When my mom and dad go out of town and I can't go with them, I go and stay with Sophie. Sophie is a silver Schnauzer. When Sophie's mom and dad go out of town she comes over to my house. She is older than I am so she doesn't like to play as much as I do. I'm not real comfortable around other dogs, but I guess you would call her my best SCHNAUZER friend.

I have to give credit where credit is due. My dad has been wanting to try writing a HomePage, but he didn't know what to put on it. One night I was looking over dad's shoulder while he was surfing the web and I saw Fritz's HomePage. Fritz is another Schnauzer that lives in Madison, Alabama. As soon as I saw it, I asked dad if I could have a HomePage. Dad said it was OK with him, since he couldn't think of anything that would be interesting to put on a HomePage.
Since I have got to know Fritz, his parents have adopted him a brother. His brothers name is Baron.

There are bunches of other great HomePages by us 4 legged web surfers. Here's a few of the Schnauzer pages that I have looked at and got some good ideas. I will be glad to add others if you want to e-mail me and give me your web page address.

Meet My Cyber Friends

Tilly the Volunteer Murphy and Murphy's Laws
Jude from Wales UK GENA & Savannah**

Here are some great pictures I have received by e-mail that I would like to share.

There is special dog that I would like you to meet. I never met Heidi but I have talked to her parents through e-mail. She died of an apparant heart attack when she was 5 years old. From talking to her parents, she must have been a very special SCHNAUZER and would have made the rest of us proud. Her parents do not have a web page to honor her, so I wanted to put her picture on my page so everyone could meet her. Her parents, Donna & Dennis, sent me two pictures of her. I have a picture of her when she was two and when she was five. This last picture was just before her heart attack. Wasn't she cute? We Schnauzers ARE special.

They say that somewhere in the world is a person that could be your twin. Well, I have found mine. There is a very cute Schnauzer in California named Heidi. No, it is not the same Heidi I just got through talking about. This is a different Heidi. She sent me a picture and I swear she could be my twin. You can bet she is good looking. Take a look at my twin. I'm not sure how many 4 legged people are in the family, but she has mentioned brothers, sisters, goats, mule and donkey. I hope she lives in the country and not in a subdivision. She did say that one of her brothers is a "stupid beagle". :)

!!!UPDATE!!! I have found another twin. I got an e-mail from a Schnauzer named Sir Sammy D. Sammy D. is 1 year old and lives in Sacramento, CA. Her mom sent me several pictures of her. My daddy was looking at the pictures when mommy walked by the computer. She asked my daddy when he had taken the pictures of me. He told her the pictures were not of me, but a Schnauzer named Sammy D. I have put my picture and a picture of Sammy D. side by side . Can you tell the difference??

I have been talking to another Schnauzer named Gabby. Besides me talking to Gabby, my dad and her mom have been talking on America On Line. My dad also has an account on AOL. Gabby has a sister named Mandy and a brother named Duncan. Mandy is an English Springer Spaniel and Duncan is an Afghan Hound. All three get along real well, but Gabby and Mandy are pretty close. Here is a picture of Gabby and Mandy trying to catch a few ZZZZ's. You can also see a picture of Duncan and Gabby trying to arm wrestle.

Information on Schnauzers

I know there are a lot of places to find information about Schnauzers on the WEB, but I have run across two that I like. One of the locations is Branford Minature Schnauzers. This is a good place to look around if you are interested in getting a Schnauzer or if you already have one. Another real good place to visit is Mrs. Keri. Keri is really her first name, but lets not be formal. I sure am glad I have got to know her. We have written back and forth several times. Her Cocker Spaniel, Darryl, has also written me. Mrs. Keri used to have a Schnauzer named Nikki. Nikki has gone to RainBow Bridge. From the Mrs. Keri link, go to the bottom of the page and click on "Nikki's Memorial". Here you can see a tribute to Nikki.

Speaking of Mrs. Keri, Thank You! - Thank You! - Thank You! for the award. I am very honored. There is a page on Mrs. Keri's web page where She, Darryl and Cassie have awarded the Golden Bone Hall of Honor to certain dogs on the web. Believe it or not, she nominated my web page to receive the award for my work on the behalf of our four-legged friends. My dad and I really appreciate the award. Click on the award for more information and to go see Darryl, Cassie and Nikki.

Here are some Personal Facts and More Pictures of ME!!

Well,   Who did you expect?

My Personal Info Is:

Date of Birth: January 17, 1994
Home: Decatur, Alabama
Breed: Minature Schnauzer
Color: Black and Silver
Weight: 18 Pounds
Food: Purina ONE
Better Food: Peanut Butter, Banana, Raw Carrots, Pizza Crust, Cookies or ANYTHING on my Parent's plate.
Favorite Hangout: Fenced Backyard (And I have a Doggy Door

My Photo Album

Nite-Nite It's Still My Favorite Toy First Easter
Let's Eat Watch Dog Christmas '95
Is That A Camera? Sophie, Mom & ME What Now?
Centerfold!!! Peanut Butter Cousin Sadie

I'm not that good in the kitchen, but I found a recipe that we fix ALL the time. I just love it. It is Fat Free, Sugar Free for diabetics, Carbohydrate Free and great for your Cholesterol. Try it, You'll like it!!


I told my dad I wanted this to be a fun board I could play with. I didn't want this to be political or controversial. He said that was fine, but wanted to know if I would put another animal on the page. I said it was OK and for some reason he wanted an elephant???

Since my dad let me have this HomePage, I guess it is only fair to mention a few things that are of interest to mom and dad.

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