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May 2001

Adam West 'Batman' movie coming to DVD
Posted Wednesday, May 30, 2001, 11:24AM CDT by Franklin Harris
The quickie, 1966 "Batman" movie starring TV's dynamic duo of Adam West and Burt Ward will be released on DVD in August. Both West (Batman) and Ward (Robin) will appear on the DVD's commentary track.

Source: Cinescape Online

Marvel's 'Cloak and Dagger' to be movie
Posted Wednesday, May 30, 2001, 8:21AM CDT by Franklin Harris
Variety reports that Dimension Films will produce a feature film based on the Marvel Comics characters Cloak and Dagger. The characters have had their own short-lived series, and they currently appear in "Marvel Knights." David Tischman, who has previously written the "Mutant X" comic books, will write the film's script.

"Episode II" sneek at Dragon*Con
Posted Tuesday, May 29, 2001, 7:41PM CDT by Franklin Harris
According to Sci-Fi Wire, Lucasfilm will hold a sneak preview of "Star Wars: Episode II" at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. The convention is Aug. 31-Sept. 3.

New Toonami details
Posted Tuesday, May 29, 2001, 7:36PM CDT by Franklin Harris
Cartoon Network has updated its Toonami FAQ. The FAQ confirms that new "Dragonball Z" episodes will start in December and that Toonami will be showing three "Sailor Moon" movies. Also, expect to see four new Gundam series this year: "Mobile Suit Gundam," "Gundam 0080," Gundam 0083" and "Gundam 08th MS Team."

Marvel's trademarks in hock
Posted Tuesday, May 29, 2001, 7:40AM CDT by Franklin Harris
Comicon's Splash Web site reported last week that Marvel Comics has been forced to put up its trademarks as collateral. According to Splash, "[Marvel] has defaulted on letters of credit with CitiBank to the tune of $17,547,333.53. According to their SEC filing, the bank has shut off Marvel's credit line, set up a strict repayment schedule and demanded the company put up its copyrights and trade marks as collateral."

Marvel to reveal Wolverine's origin
Posted Thursday, May 24, 2001, 7:20PM CDT by Franklin Harris
Marvel Comics will finally reveal to true origin of one of its most popular characters this fall.

The six-issue series, "Wolverine: Origin," begins in September. Paul Jenkins ("The Sentry") will write while Andy Kubert will pencil. Marvel E-I-C Joe Quesada, meanwhile, will serve as co-plotter and cover artist.

Marvel President Bill Jemas will also be a co-plotter. (!!!)

Source: Newsarama

Fox and UPN unveil fall schedules
Posted Thursday, May 17, 2001, 8:05AM CDT by Franklin Harris
Here is the bottom line for sci-fi/fantasy series on Fox and UPN's fall TV schedules:

  • "The Lone Gunman" has been cancelled. R.I.P.
  • "Roswell" is moving from The WB to UPN, where it will join "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," also a former WB series, on Tuesday.
  • "The X-Files" is getting a ninth season in it's current timeslot.
  • "Dark Angel" is moving to Friday.
  • "The Tick" will finally debut on Thursday. It will follow the animated series "The Family Guy," which is returning from a year-long hiatus.
  • UPN is getting the new "Star Trek" series, "Enterprise." "Special Unit 2" will join it on Wednesday.
  • The rumors that UPN was going to get Bryan Singer's revived "Battlestar Galactica" series don't seem to have panned out.
  • "The Dead Zone" may be a midseason replacement for UPN.
  • What's left on WB? "Angel" is still there, and WB will have a new series, "Smallville," based on the adventures of a teen-age, pre-Superman Clark Kent.

Marvel Comics opts out of comics code
Posted Wednesday, May 16, 2001, 11:53AM CDT by Franklin Harris
At a press conference today, Marvel Comics President Bill Jemas announced that the company is abandoning the 50-year-old Comics Code Authority. In its place, the company will have its own three-tier ratings system. All-ages books will remain unlabeled, while other books will be labeled with parental advisories or mature readers warnings. Jemas said there is no time table yet for the new labels, but that the transition will be swift, at least by the end of the summer.

Douglas Adams dead at 49
Posted Saturday, May 12, 2001, 1:12PM CDT by Franklin Harris
Douglas Adams, author of "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and a former "Doctor Who" script editor, died Friday of a heart attack, according to CNN. He was 49.

New 'Trek' television series is official
Posted Friday, May 11, 2001, 8:55AM CDT by Franklin Harris
Paramount has officially announced that the fifth "Star Trek" television series will be called "Enterprise" and will star Scott Bakula ("Quantum Leap") as Capt. Jonathan Archer, according to a report in Variety that is now circulating among numerous online sources. This confirms rumors about the new series being set before the creation of the Federation. UPN is seen as the likely home for the series. (The network will announce it's fall schedule on Thursday.)

'Mummy Returns' has monster opening
Posted Sunday, May 6, 2001, 5:45PM CDT by Franklin Harris
"The Mummy Returns" opened big over the weekend, opening in first place and taking in more than $70 million. Other genre films in the top 10 included "Spy Kids" (No. 4, $4 million, $98 million total for six weeks) and "The Forsaken" (No. 8, $1.5 million, $5.4 million total for two weeks).

Source: Yahoo! Movies

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, stars in new movie in Oct.
Posted Friday, May 4, 2001, 12:01PM CDT by Franklin Harris
According to E! Online gossip Anderson Jones, we can expect to see Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (a.k.a. Cassandra Peterson), in her second (and she says last) feature film this October -- which is around the same time Anchor Bay plans to release her earlier film on home video and DVD.

Elvira's second movie is called "Elvira's Haunted Hills" (insert breast joke here). Peterson produced the project with her husband, Mark Pierson, as a parody of Roger Corman's Poe films, which starred Vincent Price.

The movie was filmed on the cheap in Romania, Peterson said.

'Invader Zim' ratings up by 50%
Posted Tuesday, May 1, 2001, 9:36PM CDT by Franklin Harris
NEW YORK, May 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Nickelodeon led all of basic cable in
April 2001 (4/2-29/01) as the highest-rated and most-watched network in total day with performance levels in the kids 2-11 demo consistent with like time period last year. According to Nielsen Media Research, Nickelodeon posted a 2.7 rating and delivered 828,000 average viewers among kids 2-11 in total day, up 2% in delivery for April as compared to prior-year levels.

Nicktoon newcomers "The Fairly OddParents" (Fridays, 8:30 p.m. [ET/PT]) and "Invader ZIM" (Fridays, 9 p.m. [ET/PT]) posted solid increases since their March 30 launches. "The Fairly OddParents" averaged a 6.0/23 (1.8 million viewers) among kids 2-11, up 17% in rating and 22% in delivery over last year. "Invader ZIM" posted a 4.9/19 (1.5 million viewers) among kids 2-11, up 50% in rating and 56% in delivery over prior-year levels.


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