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April 2004

Lucasfilm planning 'Star Wars' TV series
Posted Friday, April 30, 2004, 6:41AM CDT by Franklin Harris
George Lucas is rumored to be planning a "Star Wars" TV series, which would air in 2006, a year after the release of "Star Wars: Episode III." There are no details on the proposed series as yet, nor is it certain that it will happen.

Source: Moviehole

Hayter to direct 'Black Widow'
Posted Thursday, April 29, 2004, 7:35PM CDT by Franklin Harris
"X-Men" and "X2" screenwriter David Hayter will make his directoral debut helming the adventures of another Marvel Comics character. He has signed on to direct "Black Widow" for Lions Gate Films.

Source: Killer Movies

'Elektra' cast takes shape
Posted Wednesday, April 28, 2004, 8:25PM CDT by Franklin Harris
Natassia Malthe is the latest addition to the cast of "Elektra," the "Daredevil" spin-off starring Jennifer Garner. Malthe will portray the villainous Typhoid Mary.

Meanwhile, Goran Visnjic ("ER") is in negotiations to join the cast, which also includes Terence Stamp.

Source: IGN Filmforce

Branagh, Johansson join 'M:I 3'
Posted Wednesday, April 28, 2004, 11:27AM CDT by Franklin Harris
Kenneth Branagh ("Dead Again") and Scarlett Johansson ("Lost in Translation") have joined the cast of the Tom Cruise action sequel "Mission: Impossible 3."

Source: Dark Horizons

Comics-to-film news roundup
Posted Wednesday, April 28, 2004, 11:04AM CDT by Franklin Harris
"Mutant X," which takes its name from a Marvel comic book, will not return next season.

Jessica Alba has joined the cast of "Sin City," based on Frank Miller's graphic novels.

Brian Michael Bendis is writing the screenplay for the movie adaptation of his graphic novel "Jinx." Charlize Theron will star in and produce the film through her production company, Delilah Films.

Sam Jones III, who portrays Pete Ross on "Smallville," will not return to the series next season.

Screenwriter David Hayter ("X2") is rewriting the script for "Iron Man."

Darren Aronfosky is rumored to be directing "Watchmen," based on Alan Moore's graphic novel, from a script by Hayter.

Sources: Dark Horizons, Superhero Hype! and Ain't It Cool News

New Line gets 'Hawaiian Dick' rights
Posted Thursday, April 22, 2004, 8:29AM CDT by Franklin Harris
New Line Cinema has purchased the movie rights to "Hawaiian Dick," the Image Comics series by B. Clay Moore and Steven Griffin. The studio plans for Johnny Knoxville ("Jackass") to star and has hired Damian Shannon and Mark Swift to write the screenplay.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

'Van Helsing' director to produce 'Flash Gordon'
Posted Thursday, April 22, 2004, 8:23AM CDT by Franklin Harris
Stephen Sommers, director of "The Mummy" and the forthcoming "Van Helsing," has agreed to produce "Flash Gordon," based on the comic strip of the same name. Ron Shushett (co-writer of "Alien") will write the film's screenplay.

Source: Cinescape Online

Perlman says 'Hellboy 2' has green light
Posted Sunday, April 11, 2004, 12:55PM CDT by Franklin Harris
Appearing on Fox Sports Channel's "The Best Damn Sports Show Period," "Hellboy" star Ron Perlman said that "Hellboy 2" has been greenlit.

Source: Fanboy Rampage

PR: Marvel Comics launches new Icon imprint
Posted Friday, April 9, 2004, 10:08AM CDT by Franklin Harris
Marvel Comics is launching a new imprint for creator-owned comic books. The first titles announced for the new Icon imprint are Brian Michael Bendis' "Powers" and David Mack's "Kabuki," both currently published by Image Comics.

Here is Marvel's press release:

Marvel Comics announces the launch of ICON, a new publishing imprint that will produce projects utilizing properties outside of the Marvel Universe.

ICON will launch with two titles fans are already familiar with: Brian Bendis' "Powers" and David Mack's "Kabuki."

Marvel is not new to publishing licensed properties. It has had a successful history with such classic licenses as GI Joe and Transformers. However, Marvel, which works with the top talent in the comic industry, has long been considering ways to offer its creators a home not just for their Marvel projects, but for their other work. The new ICON imprint has been created with a mandate to pursue both these creator and licensed projects, while maintaining the highest level of talent and the brands that readers have come to expect from Marvel.

Dan Buckley, Publisher, said, "We had been considering this kind of imprint for a while before talking to Brian and David. But once we did, everything fell into place. Starting with Brian and David on Power's and Kabuki really sets the standard for the whole line. We are very excited about this initiative, and are thrilled that Powers and Kabuki are launching it."

Bendis offered, "We have always said that we have benefited so much from the generations of comic creators before us who worked so hard to pave the way for creator rights. We have had it so good and we are stunned that we get to help take it to the next level... Marvels first true creator-owned imprint."

Said David Mack regarding Marvel Comics' Editor-in-Chief , Publisher and President of Publishing, "Bravo to Joe, Dan and Gui for making this happen!"

'Star Wars: Episode III' release date set
Posted Wednesday, April 7, 2004, 6:46AM CDT by Franklin Harris
Lucasfilm has confirmed May 19, 2005, as the release date for the third and final "Star Wars" prequel, "Star Wars: Episode III."

Source: Cinescape Online

Tarantino plans anime 'Kill Bill' prequel
Posted Wednesday, April 7, 2004, 6:33AM CDT by Franklin Harris
Quentin Tarantino will write and produce (but not direct) an animated prequel to his two "Kill Bill" films. Production IG, the Japanese studio that produced the anime segment of "Kill Bill Vol. 1," will again handle the animation chores. The prequel will focus on Bill's past and how he became a killer.

Source: ICv2.com

'Barbershop' director to helm 'Fantastic Four'
Posted Tuesday, April 6, 2004, 9:27AM CDT by Franklin Harris
Tim Story, who directed the hit comedy "Barbershop," has been tapped to helm the live-action "Fantastic Four" movie. The film, based on the Marvel comic book, is set to start production in August.

Source: Superhero Hype

Sci-Fi Channel announces new projects
Posted Tuesday, April 6, 2004, 9:21AM CDT by Franklin Harris
The Sci-Fi Channel has released a list of upcoming series, original movies and specials for the upcoming season:

HISTORY OF THE DEVIL: From executive producer Clive Barket comes a six-hour limited series about the Devil trying to use the courts of law as a way to return back into Heaven. The series is based on Barker's play THE HISTORY OF THE DEVIL OR SCENES FROM A PRETENDED LIFE and will be adapted by Peter Filardi (writer of TNT's upcoming SALEM'S LOT mini-series).

RINGWORLD: Based on Larry Niven's RINGWORLD series of novels, a four-hour mini-series is in development. In the future four explorers crash on an artificial structure in deep space, a mammoth ring that circles a distant star. Exploring this strange place, the humans discover that there is life here and secrets that could change the universe forever.

EARTHSEA: Already announced, this is an adaptation of Ursula K. LeGuin's A WIZARD OF EARTHSEA. Joining the previously announced Isabella Rossellini in the mini-series are Shawn Ashmore (X2) as Ged; Danny Glover (LETHAL WEAPON) as the wizard Ogion; and Kristin Kreuk (SMALLVILLE) as Tenar, the pupil to the High Priestess Thar (Rossellini). EARTHSEA will air in December.

SPECIES III: Continuing the storyline begun in the two earlier movies, a new and more deadly female alien (played by Sunny Mabrey) is created and set loose in a small college town. Natasha Henstridge, who played Eve in the original SPECIES, will also star in the movie.

THE MAN WITH THE SCREAMING BRAIN: When a upscale banker suffers a traumatic head injury, part of his brain is replaced with that of a street hustler. The movie will be written, directed and stars EVIL DEAD's Bruce Campbell. Shooting begins this spring.

ALIEN APOCALYPSE: Another Bruce Campbell action fest, this time with Campbell playing a deep space explorer who returns to Earth years after leaving it, only to find the planet has been invaded by an alien race and mankind reduced to slaves. Campbell and his fellow astronauts try and mobilize a rebellion.

UNTITLED JOEL SCHUMACHER/APRIL SMITH PROJECT: Described as SEX IN THE CITY meets V, this ongoing series in development follows a group of aliens that have assumed human form in order to gather intelligence for their species, to be used for an eventual invasion of the Earth. Each of the undercover aliens are investigating a specific aspect of what it means to be human, experiencing and sometimes being caught unaware by the wide range of emotions. One of the aliens, a female, falls in love with a man.

EUREKA: The newly-hired sheriff of a Pacific Northwest town discovers that the government has been relocating the world's smartest people and their families to Eureka, creating the ultimate think tank. Wacky inventions and relationships are the result in this ongoing series.

MONSTER SMASH: A reality series where actors are placed under heavy makeup to look like monsters, then they fight each other to see which "monster" wins. Stan Winston is one of the team developing the project.

STRANDED: Another reality series where two groups of contestants are dumped in a remote, harsh environment that doubles for an alien planet. Challenges will confront the contestants as they compete for a cash prize.

MOTEL MAN: This series follows a police detective that happens upon seemingly everyday objects that have strange powers, such as a comb that can stop time or a pencil that creates 1961 pennies from thin air when tapped. What are these objects, where do their powers come from, and why are there dangerous and mysterious groups willing to kill to own them?

WITCHHUNTER ROBIN: Based on a Japanese anime, this series follows a group of trained cops that seek to capture witches. One of the newest cops, Robin, is secretly a witch herself and uses her powers to track down the evildoers. Producers Roy Lee and Doug Davison (THE RING) will executive produce.

AMAZING SCREW-ON HEAD: From HELLBOY creator Mike Mignola comes an ongoing half-hour animated comedy about a U.S. government robot that screws his head on to a variety of bodies to fight bad guys. Bryan Fuller (DEAD LIKE ME) will write the pilot and Jason Netter will supervise the animation.

Source: Cinescape Online

Fox cancels 'Wonderfalls'
Posted Tuesday, April 6, 2004, 9:15AM CDT by Franklin Harris
Fox has canceled its short-lived fantasy series "Wonderfalls." Fox aired only four of the 13 episodes produced. The fate of the remaining nine episodes remains unclear at this time.

Source: Cinescape Online

Sci-Fi to air new 'Farscape' miniseries
Posted Tuesday, April 6, 2004, 9:11AM CDT by Franklin Harris
The Sci-Fi Channel will air a new "Farscape" miniseries later this year. The four-hour miniseries, "Farscape: Peacekeeper War," will pick up from the cliffhanger ending of the show's final episode.

Source: Cinescape Online

'Wonder Woman' TV series to DVD
Posted Friday, April 2, 2004, 5:49AM CST by Franklin Harris
From DVDFile.com: "On June 29th, Warner Home Video will release 'Wonder Woman: The Complete First Season', a three-disc set will containing all 13 first season episodes plus the 90-minute pilot. Newly remastered in 4:3 full screen and Dolby Digital 1.0 mono, extras will include audio commentary on the episode 'The New Original Wonder Woman' with star Lynda Carter and executive producer Douglas S. Cramer and the retrospective featurette 'Beauty, Brawns & Bulletproof Bracelets'. Retail will be $39.95."

DC Comics to reprint Ditko's 'Captain Atom'
Posted Thursday, April 1, 2004, 7:51PM CST by Franklin Harris
DC Comics will reprint Steve Ditko's "Captain Atom" stories this August in a collection titled "Action Hero Archives" Vol. 1. The stories appeared originally in "Space Adventures" Nos. 33-42 and "Captain Atom" Nos. 78-82, which Charlton Comics published between 1960 and 1966. They make up Ditko's earliest superhero work, pre-dating his co-creation of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.

The 228-page hardcover book will retail for $49.95 and is part of DC's Archive Editions collection.

Source: Newsarama

'Army of Darkness' comic book coming in July
Posted Thursday, April 1, 2004, 6:36PM CST by Franklin Harris
A comic-book sequel to the film "Army of Darkness" will arrive in stores in July. The comic, published by Devil's Due and created by Dynamite Entertainment, will pick up where the film leaves off.

The movie, directed by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell, is the third of a trilogy of films including "The Evil Dead" and "Evil Dead 2." The comic book will be written by Andy Hartnell with interior art by Nick Bradshaw.

Source: Cinescape Online


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