IDL Files for the Open Geospatial Consortium™ Simple Features Specification for CORBA

CORBA® is a cross-platform, distributed object technology that powers a broad range of software applications across the spectrum of problem domains. But if you've bothered to visit this URL, you probably know that and more already.

In 1999, the Open Geospatial Consortium™, then known as the Open GIS Consortium, published a draft specification for representing geospatial features in CORBA IDL, the Simple Features Specification for CORBA.

Here in mid-2005, I don't know whether this specification has caught on in the GIS industry, since I'm mostly on the outside of it now, but I do have an interest in writing and using CORBA-based software to work with geospatial data. In keeping with the principle that one should use existing standards whenever possible rather than reinventing the wheel, I've chosen to use the IDL set forth in this specification as a starting point for my own work.

The Files

The entire specification in one IDL file is here:

Many applications will require only portions of the specification. One scheme for breaking the spec into smaller pieces is as follows:

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