Ogden, Utah Waypoints

These waypoints were collected by me in February 2003 while on a business trip. They were collected with a Garmin 12XL, no averaging, most while moving (walking or driving). The geodetic datum is WGS84; coordinates are in decimal degrees.

You are free to use this information any way you like. I offer no warranty or accuracy claims.


41.222017491-111.9708699826 Eccles Conference Center
41.221641982-111.9704355486 Peery's Egyptian Theater
41.244102800-111.9717388507 Fazoli's, Italian fast food
41.220821142-111.9726725109 Federal courthouse
41.226523602-112.0106955897 Holiday Inn Express
41.251451969-111.9700922258 Javier's, inexpensive Mexican restaurant
41.227623308-111.9704139233 Mormon temple
41.243416071-111.9681503065 Office Max
41.223948598-111.9732302427 Old mall parking deck, being demolished
41.185094202-111.9865769148 Ruby River, moderate-price restaurant
41.220751405-111.9745338801 Roosters pub
41.246259129-111.9684775360 Shopko, department store
41.243738020-111.9695611484 Sizzler, inexpensive steak house
41.245196974-111.9683380611 Stop-N-Shop
41.220794404-111.9789863471 Union Station, historic landmark
41.220864141-111.9738903176 Zengers, inexpensive deli

Other Locations in Utah

41.083315015-111.9837230444 Marie Callender's, inexpensive Italian restaurant; Layton, UT
40.785841942-111.9816041831 Salt Lake City Airport

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