A Few Benelux Waypoints

These waypoints were collected by me in September 2002 while on a business trip in the Netherlands. They were collected with a Garmin 12XL, no averaging. Geodetic datum is WGS84; coordinates are in decimal degrees.

The waypoint IDs, coordinates, and descriptions may be used any way you like. I offer no warranty or accuracy claims.

Don't see the point you need? Send me a round-trip plane ticket and I'll happily go back over and get it for you. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.



BCNTRL50.8461754.357501 Brussels Central Station
BRCATH50.8475804.359035 Cathedral in Brussels
BRGSTH50.8482354.355146 Galeries Saint-Hubert/St-Hubertus Galerijen near the Grand Place/Groote Markt in Brussels
BRMRKT50.8469424.352549 Grand Place/Groote Markt in Brussels
ATMs in the corner of the Markt near Rue de la Tête-d'Or/Guldenhoofdstraat.
BRPARK50.8450864.363455 Parc de Bruxelles/Park van Brussel
ZVSHER50.8973354.483280 Sheraton Hotel Zaventem (Brussels International Airport)


GRINFO50.9330844.371239 Information signboard on Kerkplein in Grimbergen. Police station is also nearby
GRKERK50.9334274.370847 Cathedral in Grimbergen
GRMUS150.9342274.369673 Uphill from Grimbergen Museum
GRMUSM50.9343824.369528 Grimbergen Museum
GRPRKG50.9349244.368970 Parking lot in Grimbergen

Other Points in Belgium

BE-LU 49.6387095.903692 Belgium-Luxembourg Border
Point recorded while moving
BE-NL 51.3186145.207503 Belgium-Netherlands Border on A67
Point recorded while moving


Admittedly, the "sites of photos taken" won't be terribly meaningful to anyone but me, but I'm parking them here anyway. Makes it look like I've got more content here.

LU000149.6081646.131428 Site of photo (#66) taken on forest path in Vallée de la Petrusse
LU000249.6090336.129400 Place de la Constitution, eastern end
LU000549.6088086.128166 Site of photos (#71-73) taken of Pont Adolphe in Vallée de la Petrusse
LU001049.6090656.126396 Pont Adolphe (northwestern end)
LU002049.6076436.128097 Pont Adolphe (southeastern end)
LUPLGM49.6107286.130634 Place Guillaume II
LUSQJP49.6112916.128815 Square Jan Palach, adjacent to Place des Armes



DEUR0151.4635075.789216 Roundabout (navigation point) in Deurne
Point recorded while moving
DEURNE51.4636465.794441 Marktplein in Deurne
ATM nearby on Stationsstraat.
HOTEL 51.4566675.788904 Hotel Goossens, Deurne
The NS station is next to this hotel.
PENSN 51.4559975.791034 Bed and breakfast "Les Petits Archanges" in Deurne


LIKERK51.4143585.821289 Church in Liessel
Point recorded while moving


INTCHG51.3937856.128220 Expressway interchange west of Venlo (initial point of route to Venlo parking)
Point recorded while moving
004 51.3957336.160240 Nav point 2 for route to Venlo parking
Point recorded while moving
005 51.3951756.171795 Nav point 3 for route to Venlo parking
Point recorded while moving
006 51.3918656.173936 Nav point 4 for route to Venlo parking
Point recorded while moving
007 51.3901916.167359 Nav point 5 for route to Venlo parking
Point recorded while moving
008 51.3737496.168754 Nav point 6 for route to Venlo parking
Point recorded while moving
VLPRKG51.3716896.167606 Venlo parking
VENLO 51.3698496.168823 Markt, Venlo
VLATM 51.3708206.168818 Two Rabobank ATMs
VLCNKM51.3688196.166576 Kwartelenmarkt, Venlo Centrum (restaurant "Les Frères", tasty ribs)


VENRAY51.5250055.974009 Schouwburgplein (Markt)
ATMs in the corner of the Markt, near Venray's Wijnhuis (point VWHUIS below).
VRAY0051.5403205.879467 Road to Venray from N 277 near Luchtmachtbasis De Peel
Point recorded while moving
VRAY0151.5263355.966472 Nav point Venray
Point recorded while moving
VREET151.5247315.975554 Restaruant "In Den Engel"
VRKERK51.5275905.975125 Church
VRPRKG51.5281055.976493 Parking lot next to church
VRPZZA51.5235615.974953 Birsen pizzeria
VWHUIS51.5254345.973220 Venray's Wijnhuis
There are ATMs within 50m of this location.

Other Points in Brabant and Limburg

009 51.3781755.996690 Nav point for exit 38 westbound to N 277
Point recorded while moving
AC-SEV51.3799675.984985 AC Hotel Sevenum, at exit 38 on A67
DEPEEL51.5382225.852977 Luchtmachtbasis De Peel main entrance
LHRST 51.4499405.963790 Loohorst resort
RBOUT151.4970775.892561 Roundabout/navigation point
Point recorded while moving
SHELL 51.4238485.667325 Shell station westbound on A67
SPOOR 51.4386755.949166 Intersection of N 277 and NS railway west of the town of America.
Point recorded while moving
YSSTYN51.4898785.896761 Ysselsteyn
Rabobank ATM within 100m west of this location

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