Global Positioning System (GPS)

Local Resources

Bye Bye, SA!: The U.S. Department of Defense improves GPS accuracy literally overnight in May 2000.

Manufacturers: A non-exhaustive list of some receiver manufacturers.

NMEA Server: A small but handy tool for distributing navigation data across a TCP/IP network.

Waypoints: In keeping with the small and limited-usefulness theme of the site, a tiny collection of waypoints.

Other Resources

This list was updated (most of the dead links removed) on th 28th of December 2015.

Celestrak: Satellite ephemeris data in NORAD two-line format.

Dale DePriest: GPS and Palm Pilot resources.

Global Positioning Systems Wing (GPSW) of the United States Air Force.

Ronald J. van der Kamp: using a Garmin handheld unit for sub-meter accuracy.

Joe Mehaffey & Jack Yeazel: A comprehensive set of reviews, links, and discussion on consumer-grade GPS, mapping software, online dealers, and more. If you're a new GPS user or shopping around for a new handheld unit, this is the place to start your research.

Karen Nakamura: GPS navigation software for Macintosh systems.

NASA Visible Earth: Free satellite and aerial imagery--not quite GPS-related, but interesting nonetheless.

National Geodetic Survey: GPS Toolbox.

Sam Storm van Leeuwen: [Dead link?] OEM GPS receiver hardware information, data processing discussion, and other GPS technical issues.

U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center: Status information for GPS, DGPS, and other radionavigation systems.

Sam Wormley: Information on the Global Positioning System (not just the receivers), communications protocol, geography and geodesy, and software.

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