Walnut Wine Cabinet

Not for sale

It's flattering that some have inquired about buying some of the pieces featured here. However, this is only a hobby for me, I don't sell my work, and I work far too slowly for your satisfaction.

[Cherry Wine Cabinet]This cherry wine cabinet was the closest thing to what I wanted that I could find from any retailer. But with a price tag of USD 900 the first time I saw it, later rising to USD 1000, I shook my head in disbelief. At the time I considered it a very nice piece for USD 300-400, but there was no way I was going to pay a grand for the thing.

This is what prompted me to begin my woodworking hobby. My woodworking hobby, in turn, made me appreciate the value of a well-made piece of furniture. There's no way I'd let my cabinet go for a mere thousand dollars!

[Walnut Wine Cabinet Sketch]I started the project with a crude sketch and gradually turned it into the most ambitious piece of furniture that I had attempted so far. The case work and trim took me more than a year of work and procrastination, mostly procrastination while I pondered questions like "How am I ever going to make those twenty-five shelves line up correctly?"

(They don't.)

I used the basic form and proportions of the retail piece above as a starting point, but I followed my own tastes and created a piece I like even better.

[The completed cabinet] Now complete, the cabinet is a handsome addition to my home.

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