Shaker(ish) Plant Stand

Solid walnut plant standIn December 2001 I made this piece out of walnut and from my own design. I didn't set out to follow Shaker style when designing the piece; I simply chose a design that I thought was within my abilities, and it turned out strongly resembling something a Shaker would have made. Or so it seems to me, anyhow.

Side view of the plant standIt was a project of firsts: first hardwood project, first tapered legs, first mortise-and-tenon joints, first glued-up panel (the top surface). The finish was one application of boiled linseed oil and three applications of satin finish polyurethane, all wiped on.

Mistakes? Plenty. Flaws? Yep. Lessons learned? Those too. But I was happy with the outcome of this first project.

Cherry plant standThe first one was a Christmas present for a relative. I built another out of walnut for myself, as well as a couple out of cherry (as in the photo) just so I can observe how the cherry darkens over time. The cherry pieces will probably end up being gifts later on.


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