The Union Hill Short Loop is 48 miles, just south of the Tennessee River. The route is mostly flat-to-rolling with one medium climb and one long climb. It travels on good pavement thru beautiful quiet farmland with a rest stop at 29 miles. Directions to start: This ride begins and ends at the Cotaco Florette Road intersection with AL-36, south of the Tennessee River. Travel South from Huntsville on HWY-231 (Memorial Parkway) across the Tennessee River. Three miles after the bridge turn Right on AL-36 at the flashing yellow light. Travel 8.3 miles to the intersection with Cotaco Florette Road.

You'll pass the Cotaco fire station on the left before reaching the intersection. There's a convenience store with parking on both sides of the road, and the Cotaco School is located just to the west.

Miles Turn  Description Leg
0.0 South  on Cotaco Florette Road 0.9
0.9 Right  on Red Oak Road 0.9
1.8 Left  on AL-36 0.2
2.0 Right  on Herman Bailey Road 1.6
3.6 Right  on Antioch Road
 (main road, no sign)
4.9 Left  on Nelson Hollow Road 2.8
7.7 Right  on Center Springs Road 3.4
11.1 Left  on E Upper River Road 5.4
16.5 Left  on Thompson Road NE (climb) 2.1
18.6 Left  on Peach Orchard Road 1.0
19.6 Right  on East Old Somerville Road 0.2
19.8 Straight  across onto Horse Center Road 0.3
20.1 Left  on Shoal Creek Road 2.8
22.9 Left  on Bethel Road 0.2
Miles Turn  Description Leg
23.1 Left  on Lockhart Road 2.0
25.1 Left-Right  across AL-36 onto Peachtree Road 1.6
26.7 Left  on E Parker Road 0.7
27.4 Right  on Mt Tabor Road 1.6
29.0 Rest Stop  at Cedar Cove Grocery -
29.0 Left  on Mt Zion Road 1.0
30.0 Left  on Nat Key Road 4.8
34.8 Left  on Gandy Cove Road 3.5
37.4 Climb  Brindley Mountain ~ 260' -
38.3 Rest Stop  optional, at convenience store -
38.3 Left  on Eva Road 5.2
41.4 Descend  Brindley Mountain -
43.5 Straight  across onto Cotaco Florette Road 4.1
47.6 Finish  at AL-36 intersection -