The Stevenson - Sewanee Lunch Loop travels 39 miles up to the college town of Sewanee and 29 miles back down to Stevenson.

Restaurants in Sewanee:
931-598-5434 The Blue Chair Bakery & Coffee Shop
931-598-5000 Mountain Breeze Ice Cream Cafe
931-598-9880 Crust Pizza

Lake Cheston in Sewanee is a worthwhile 2-mile side trip.

Directions to start:

The ride starts at the Stevenson Middle School located in the small town of Stevenson, Alabama.

From Huntsville Stevenson is about an hour's drive East on US-72. To exit from US-72 near Stevenson, bear right on the ramp off the highway and turn Left/North onto AL-117. The school is located one mile north, on the Left. There's a convenience store on the right just before the school.

 Turn Leg  Description Mile
0.3  North on AL-117 /
 Kentucky Avenue
1.6  on E 2nd Street at light x
5.0  at Old Mt Carmel Road onto CR-75 x
3.5  on CR-74 (no sign) x
2.2  to stay on CR-74 / S Cedar Avenue x
Rest Stop -  at convenience store on left
 27 miles to next stop
1.1  continue North on S Cedar Avenue x
1.0  on 2nd Street / TN-156 at light x
Begin Climb 22.8  1,070' in two miles, 9% avg grade x
0.1  on Midway Road at "T" x
0.5  on Airport Road x
1.0  onto bike path (parallels US-41) x
20'  exit bike path at Hawkins Lane x
0.1  on US-41 x
Rest Stop -  in Sewanee, at store or restaurant
 near University Avenue (at light)
 29 miles to finish

Return to Stevenson

 Turn Leg  Description Mile
200'  South on Lake O'Donnell Road
 (across US-41 from University Ave)
0.6  on Ball Park Road at "T"
 (behind convenience store)
16.4  on TN-56 / Sherwood Road
 (stores at 9.7 and 13.6 miles)
12.0  becomes AL-117
 at the Alabama state line
0.4  on Kentucky Avenue, RR Tracks x
-  at Stevenson Middle School x

Side trip to Lake Cheston

 Turn Leg  Description Mile
0.9  North on University Avenue 0.0
0.4  on Texas Avenue 0.9
0.2  on Breakfield Road 1.3
0.3  on Crosby Lane 1.5
-  at Lake Cheston (gravel parking lot) 1.8

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