The Vonore to Sevierville route is 71 miles with 2,900' feet of climbing, hilly but no mountains. Starts at the Vonore Community Center at 613 Church Street in Vonore, TN. Ends at the Days Inn Apple Valley, 1841 Parkway in Sevierville, TN (865-428-3353).
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
0.5  East on Church / Hall Street 0.0
0.7  across tracks onto Avecor Drive x
0.4  at Industrial Park Drive onto
 Tellico Port Road
0.1  on Horne Drive x
1.6  on US-411 shoulder x
2.9  on TN-72 x
1.6  on Tomotley Road x
1.6  to stay on Tomotley x
2.3  across bridge onto Lanier Road x
0.7  on Brick Mill Road x
9.0  across US-129 onto 6 Mile Road
 (store on left)
2.8  at Montvale Road onto
 Old Piney Road
2.2  on Butler Mill Road x
3.0  uphill on Laws Chapel Road x
1.1  on Rocky Branch Road
 (store on right, often closed)
1.5  on Barb Hollow /
 Rocky Branch Road
0.1  on US-321 x
0.2  on Melrose Station Road
 (BBQ Restaurant)
1.6  on Old Walland Hwy x
5.2  to stay on Old Walland Hwy
 (store on US-321 to right)
0.1  across bridge on Cameron Road x
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
1.4  on bike path along US-321 x
Rest Stop -  at Sub Hub on left, on US-321
 (or Miss Lily's Cafe +1.3 miles)
 finish in 30 miles
1.4  Return West on bike path x
0.1  on Cameron Road x
5.2  on Old Walland Hwy x
1.7  to stay on Old Walland Hwy
 (store at US-321 to left)
1.4  on Cold Springs Road x
1.4  on Blair Loop x
3.8  on Old Chilhowee Road x
1.1  on Tipton Hollow Road x
3.1  on Dripping Springs Road x
0.5  on Dupont x
1.1  on Alpine Road x
1.1  on S Rogers Road x
2.9  on Sugar Loaf Road x
0.4  on Goose Gap Road x
0.5  on Whites School Road x
0.9  on River Divide Road x
1.1  on W New Era Road x
1.0  on N New Era Road x
1.6  on Apple Valley Road (small) x
-  across US-441 to
 Days Inn Apple Valley

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