The Skyline Loop is 74 miles. It links two of the best cycling roads in the county, the Paint Rock valley's AL-65 and the road along the top of Nat Mountain, CR-8. The route includes one long mountain climb at mile 30 and is hilly, most of the hills coming after the halfway point. Directions to start, at the Cove Park ballfields near Hampton Cove:

If traveling over Monte Sano on Highway 431 (east on Governors Drive): go 4.8 miles after passing Monte Sano Boulevard and turn Left at Old 431/Sutton Road. Travel 1.6 miles and turn right onto Old 431. The ballfields are on the right.

If traveling over Cecil Ashburn Drive: continue straight on Sutton Road for 0.7 miles and go straight across Highway 431. From the intersection go 1.6 miles and turn right onto Old 431. The ballfields are on the right.

 Turn Leg  Description Mile
1.2  Southeast on Old Highway 431 x
0.4  on Cherry Tree Road x
1.6  on Esslinger Road x
2.7  on McMullen Road x
1.7  on Miller Road x
0.4  on Childress Street x
0.2  on 4th Street (no sign) cross US-72 x
0.4  on Church Street (no sign) x
0.4  at 1st Street onto Walker Street x
2.2  East on US-72 shoulder (wide) x
11.5  on AL-65 x
Rest Stop -  at convenience store on right
 next rest stop in 17 miles
6.0  continue North on AL-65 x
0.7  on AL-146 at "T" x
4.9  1,040' in 2.7 miles, 7% avg grade x
0.9  on CR-544 x
1.3  on Morris Circle (no sign) x
1.8  at AL-79 onto CR-25 x
1.2  on AL-79 x
Rest Stop -  at store on left
 next rest stop in 18 miles
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
0.2  return North on AL-79 x
3.8  on CR-17 x
9.8  on CR-8 x
3.6  930' in 2 miles, 9% avg grade
 (switchbacks and rough pavement)
0.2  across RR Tracks to stay on CR-8 x
100'  on AL-35 x
Rest Stop -  at convenience store on right
 finish in 17 miles
100'  return South on AL-35 x
1.2  at CR-8 onto Grant Highway /
0.1  on US-72 (shoulder / merge lane) x
1.4  on CR-108 x
2.2  on Mill Road (no sign) x
2.5  on Butler Mill Road
 (optional rest stop)
1.1  on New Hope Cedar Point Road
 at "T"
7.5  on Cherry Tree Road x
1.2  on Old Highway 431 at "T" x
-  at Cove Park ballfields x

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