The Sharps Cove Reverse ride is a 48 mile counter-clockwise loop with a few short steep hills but is mostly flat to rolling. Directions to start, at the Cove Park ballfields near Hampton Cove:

If traveling over Monte Sano on Highway 431 (east on Governors Drive): go 4.8 miles after passing Monte Sano Boulevard and turn Left at Old 431/Sutton Road. Travel 1.6 miles and turn right onto Old 431. The ballfields are on the right.

If traveling over Cecil Ashburn Drive: continue straight on Sutton Road for 0.7 miles and go straight across Highway 431. From the intersection go 1.6 miles and turn right onto Old 431. The ballfields are on the right.

 Turn Leg  Description Mile
1.2  Southeast on Old Highway 431 x
0.4  on Cherry Tree Road x
1.6  on Esslinger Road x
2.7  on McMullen Road x
1.7  on Miller Road x
0.4  on Childress Street x
0.2  on 4th Street crossing US-72 x
R 0.1  on Section Line Road at "T" x
LR 1.1  across RR Tracks on Gurley Pike
 to stay on Section Line Road
L 2.0  on Hereford Road x
SR 1.3  on Gurley Pike x
R 1.1  on Tom Rutland Road x
L 0.8  on Harrison Cove Road at "T" x
R 0.8  on Killingsworth Cove Road x
L 1.5  on Acuff Road x
R 2.0  on Gurley Pike at "T" x
R 0.7  on Powell Street x
R 0.1  on Gurley Pike x
R 2.3  on Hurricane Creek Road at "T" x
R 0.4  on County Lake Road x
R 0.6  on Sharps Cove Road x
LR 0.8  at "T" to stay on
 Sharps Cove Road
SR 2.0  on Bob Stiles Road x
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
R 1.7  on Sharps Cove Road at "T" x
U 2.8  Return on Sharps Cove Road x
SR 0.8   to stay on Sharps Cove Road x
LR 0.6  at "T" to stay on
 Sharps Cove Road
L 0.4  on County Lake Road at "T" x
L 2.9  on Hurricane Creek Road at "T" x
Rest Stop -  at store in Maysville
 finish in 13 miles
L 0.8  South on Brownsboro Road x
SR 1.4  to stay on Brownsboro Road x
R 1.3  on Wall Road x
S 0.9  to stay on Wall Road x
L 0.7  on Windwood Drive /
 BB Lawler Road
SR 3.1  on Dug Hill Road x
L 2.3  on King Drake Road x
LR 0.4  at Caldwell Lane onto
 Featherstone Lane
L 0.1  on Cranfield Road at "T" x
L 0.9  on Deford Mill Road x
R 0.4  on Hampton Cove Way at "T" x
L 0.8  on Eastern Bypass x
R 0.1  on Old Highway 431 x
R -  at Cove Park ballfields x

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