The Michael Pugh Jr Memorial Ride is a 60 mile mountainous route with two long climbs, the first around 6% the second close to 9% average grade. Directions to start: In downtown Chattanooga, the parking lot between 3rd/4th streets and Cherry/Walnut streets, 2 blocks south of the Walnut Street walking bridge.
Miles Turn  Description Leg
0.0 North  on Walnut Street and across the walking bridge 0.4
0.4 Left  on Frazier Ave
 (becomes Cherokee Blvd)
2.0 Through  tunnel, Cherokee Blvd becomes Dayton Blvd 1.0
3.0 Left  on Signal Mountain Blvd 2.2
5.2 Left  on TN-27/ Suck Creek Road
Watch railroad crossing after turn
9.5 Begin climb  up TN-27/Suck Creek Road 5.0
14.5 Begin descent  down TN-27/Suck Creek Road 5.0
19.5 Rest Stop  at country store in
 Powell's Crossroads
19.6 Right  on TN-283 10.6
30.2 Right  on US-127/TN-8 up Signal Mountain, the fire tower is the top 11
41.2 Rest Stop  at Country store 0.6
Miles Turn  Description Leg
41.8 Bear Right  onto Anderson Pike 1.4
43.2 Right  on Shackleford Ridge Road 2.5
45.7 Continue  on Shackleford Ridge past Edwards Point 2.6
48.3 Right-Right  at James Blvd onto Texas Ave 0.5
48.8 Right  on Tennessee 0.7
49.5 Continue  Tennessee becomes James Blvd 0.2
49.7 Straight  on Mississippi Ave
 as road bears left
50.5 Right  on Signal Mountain Blvd 0.1
50.6 Right  on US-127/Taft Hwy
 Begin descent
56.5 Right  on Dayton Blvd 1.0
57.5 Through   tunnel, Dayton Blvd becomes Cherokee Blvd 1.5
59.0 Right  on Walnut Street and cross the walking bridge 0.6
59.6 Finish  at parking lot on right after
 3rd Street