The Little River Canyon Metric travels up Lookout Mountain through the Little River Canyon, the DeSoto State Park, and the small town of Mentone. The route is very hilly, continuously up and down along the canyon with many long grades after. Directions to start: This ride starts at the Fort Payne High School, 201 45th Street Northeast in Fort Payne, an hour and a half drive east of Huntsville.

Drive to Scottsboro via US-72, about 37 miles. Then take the ramp Right on AL-35 for 25.5 miles. Take I-59 North 3.3 miles to exit 222. Right on US-11 / Greenhill Blvd 1.0 mile, Left at Gault Ave (as the road curves to the right) 2.0 miles, Right on 45th Street 0.4 miles. The school will be on your left.

 Turn Leg  Description Mile
0.1  East on 45th Street from school x
2.4  on Godfrey Avenue x
1.2  on Beason Gap Road
 One mile climb at 10% avg grade
8.6  across AL-35 on CR-89 /
 DeSoto Pkwy
4.1  on AL-176 /
 Little River Canyon Pkwy

 Optional rest stop, next in 16 miles
11.5  circle the rest area to
 begin the Little River Canyon run!
0.3  on AL-35 at "T" x
Rest Stop -  at Ralph's Canyon Grocery on left
 next rest stop in 21 miles
0.4  continue West on AL-35 x
0.6  on CR-295 (rough pavement) x
4.9  on CR-153 / Fischer Road x
2.1  onto Murdock Road (store) x
0.8  on CR-89 / DeSoto Pkwy x
0.6  on Womack Drive x
0.4  on CR-89 / DeSoto Pkwy x
1.8  on DeSoto Pkwy
 (Park store on left)
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
1.1  on CR-618 / DeSoto Pkwy at "T" x
4.6  on CR-165 / Wester Road x
0.1  on E River Road (sharp) x
1.7  to stay on E River Road /
 Wester Road
(rough pavement)
0.3  on CR-177 / E River Road x
1.3  on AL-117 at "T" x
Rest Stop -  in Mentone (store or restaurant)
 finish in 13 miles
0.1  continue West on AL-117 x
2.1  on CR-89 / DeSoto Pkwy x
1.0  on CR-613 / DeSoto Falls Road
 (short walk to overlook)
1.0  Return on CR-613 /
 DeSoto Falls Road
3.6  on CR-89 / DeSoto Pkwy x
2.0  onto CR-604 / Wade Gap Road
 (descent with switchbacks)
1.4  onto CR-137 / Gault Avenue x
1.9  on 63rd Street / Martin Avenue x
0.1  on 45th Street x
0.1  to stay on 45th Street x
-  at Fort Payne High School x

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