The Heavenly Hills and Hollows 75 ride is extremely hilly, continuously up-and-down. The rest stops are spaced 30 miles apart, so bring plenty of water on hot days. Watch for potholes on Hamestring Road, on the descent starting at 8 miles. Many roads are not marked. Directions to start: at the Hope Assembly of God rear parking lot, about an hour north of Huntsville.

From Huntsville travel North on US-431 to Fayetteville, Tennessee. Continue on US-431 past old downtown Fayetteville and the courtyard square. After the square travel 2.7 miles and turn Right just before the large green and white church sign (about a mile past the Fayetteville golf course) and go up to the church's right-most parking lot.

 Turn Leg  Description Mile
L 0.1  North on Deer Trace Road x
R 1.1  on Lovers Lane (no sign) x
L 0.1  on US-231 at "T" x
R 1.6  on Clark Mill Road x
L 2.6  on Mimosa Road at "T" x
R 3.3  on Hamestring Road
 (watch for potholes on descent)
L 4.8  on Gimlet Road at "T" x
R 2.4  on Stoneboro Road x
R 0.6  on US-231 N x
R 7.1  on Charity Road x
L 4.6  on Lynchburg Road x
Rest Stop -  at convenience store on right
 next rest stop in 33 miles
S 0.2  Continue east onto Craig Street x
L 0.2  on Main Street x
R 0.5  to stay on Main Street
 Downtown Lynchburg square
R 0.7  on TN-55 x
L 0.4  on Motlow Barn Road x
L 1.6  on Cashion Road x
R 3.0  on Buckeye Loop x
R 0.2  on Spankem Road x
R 0.4  to stay on Spankem Road x
L 0.1  on County Line Road x
L 2.0  on Ward Hollow Road x
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
R 0.6  on New Herman Road x
L 3.3  on Possum Trott Road x
R 0.2  on Hart Road x
L 2.8  on Bagley Hollow Road (2nd left) x
R 0.9  on Steelman Loop Road x
R 0.5  on Charity Road x
R 3.8  on Warren Hollow Road x
L 2.1  on Mt Herman Road x
Water -  Pump in church yard
 next rest stop in 9 miles
S 0.1  Continue west on Mt Herman Rd x
L 2.2  on US-231 S x
R 6.9  on TN-129 x
L 0.2  on S High Street at "T" x
Rest Stop -  at convenience store on right
 finish in 14 miles
S 0.3  East on Gaunt Street x
L 0.2  on Railroad Street at "T" x
R 2.0  on TN-129 x
R 3.7  on Gingerbread Road x
L 4.3  on Patton Hollow Road /
 Icy Bank Road
L 2.4  on Daves Hollow Road at "T" x
L 0.4  on US-431 at "T" x
L 0.7  on Deer Trace Road x
R -  at Hope Assembly of God x

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