The Guntersville Visitors Center Metric explores the roads east of Guntersville. The route is flat to rolling with three moderate climbs and a few long hills, with rest stops at 21, 35 and 53 miles. Directions to start:
This ride starts at the Visitor's Center in north downtown Guntersville, about a 30-minute drive from the Sutton Road intersection near Hampton Cove (Walmart/Publix). From Hampton Cove travel south on US-431 28 miles to Guntersville, the visitor's center is on the right just after the bridge.
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
R 1.0  South on Gunter Ave / US-431 x
L 2.0  on Lusk Street / AL-227 x
5.1  470' in 1.9 miles, 5% avg grade x
0.2  enter Lake Guntersville State Park x
0.1  on Aubrey Carr Scenic Drive x
1.5  300' in 0.7 miles, 8% avg grade x
S 4.1  optional stop at Lodge to left x
1.0  at Lodge Drive to stay on
 Aubrey Carr Scenic Drive
0.2  to exit the park x
5.2  on AL-227 x
0.5  across Monsanto Road onto
 S Sauty Road / CR-582
Rest Stop -  at convenience store on right
 next rest stop in 14 miles
R 2.1  East on Center Point Road
 (left from store)
1.6  300' in 0.8 miles, 7% avg grade x
L 1.9  on AL-227 at "T" x
L 1.8  on CR-50 x
0.8  on CR-402 x
1.5  onto AL-227 x
3.6  optional High Falls side trip to
 Right. Follow signs, adds 5 miles
0.7  on Pine Street x
Rest Stop -  at grocery store in Geraldine
 next rest stop in 18 miles
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
0.1  Southwest on AL-75
 (Left from store)
0.4  on Salem Road (no sign) x
3.7  on CR-58 at "T" (no sign) x
L 2.2  on CR-3 x
SR 2.1  Southwest on CR-23 x
R 0.4  on CR-569 (small road) x
SR 2.8  on Pea Ridge Road x
SR 0.6  to stay on Pea Ridge Road x
L 2.3  on Martling Road (hill) x
R 2.2  on Rice Mill Chavers Road
 (no sign)
L 0.9  on Bluebird Trail (small sign) x
Rest Stop -  at convenience store on left
 finish in 8 miles
S 1.0  West on Brashers Chapel Road x
R 3.8  on Wyeth Mountain Road
 (at Goodwin Road)
R 0.8  to stay on Wyeth Mountain Road
 (steep descent)
L 1.0  on AL-227 (traffic) x
R 1.1  on Blount Avenue / US-431 x
L -  Back to Visitor's Center x

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